Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day | BB Cafe, Gaya Street

Happy belated Saint Patrick's Day guys! 

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Last week i got invited to St. Patrick celebration at BB cafe organized by Think Workshop and sponsored by Carlsberg. Thank you so much for the fun and the event is really happening.St. Patrick's day is originated from Ireland and also known as Feast of Saint Patrick  "the Day of the Festival of Patrick" it is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on 17 March at Ireland.

Makes me wonder why or how did it get to our place but anyway every celebration is worth celebrating as long as everybody gather around to enjoy themself. 

The night was fill with performances such as Drum line, Irish dance, Irish band, lucky draws, stout drinking competition, arm wrestling and live singer band. The atmosphere is chilling and relaxing with great music and awesome performances. I even got dragged up to stage to dance the Irish dance after the MC over heard about the last dance i had was during prom night. =.= We were serve with complimentary drink Connor's stout  . It tasted really strong. Maybe i'm not use the to taste of the stout. 

Irish dance

The performance of the drum line is really the nice. Their timing on rhythm is really good.

Yea,lucky charm . wink.

Beer drinking competition

Magic performance up close. Sorry man, i got to say i saw you taking out the fork from your back when you drop your card but i still can't figure out how did you bend the fork.

It was really random for Charmaine and Tian Qi to join us that night but the more the merrier! and I'm glad they enjoyed themself. Too bad Poly isn't around to join us for the fun. 

This is the part i got dragged to the front and dance because the Mc heard me saying about the last dance i had was prom night. This remind me of the Corona beach party where i went up stage and dance I'm sexy i know it topless. I remember my picture even got post up to newspaper. 

It's was just some simple steps for us to follow but i felt really hard.

Faith Foo the MC of the night . Thanks for dragging me up and dance i guess. :) You did great job on that night. 

Overall the night was fun and it was perfect for me to relax after a long week in university. Thank you for the invitation guys, i appreciate it!

As always don't drink and drive! Have a great day guys and that is how i look like after the party. IRISH YOGA

Hayden Chan