Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fine Dining at Ben's Kitchen | Publika Dutamas

A big thank you to Rebecca Saw  for suggested Ben's Kitchen when i was in KL. I even bumped into her when i was shopping at The Curve. What a small world! She blog about lifestyle, traveling, technology, food  reviews and etc. You name it she got it. Apparently there were a few stores and there is another Ben's General Store in Publika too. I was confuse and thought there is only one store and accidentally end up in Ben's Kitchen. And not to forget, thank you Shin Lan for bringing me over despite the horrible traffic jam we had on the way to Publika. Owe you a big time girl!

At first glance on the surrounding tables it's obvious they serve western foods and like any western food's store there will always be soup of the day, main course, pasta, spaghetti, sandwich, dessert, salads and etc. The ambient of the restaurant is romantic and it was light up with dime light. As for the section of  restaurant it was divided into two section indoor and outdoor. The service was fast and we were attended as soon as we stand infront of the restaurant and the waiter is well alert whenever i need something that night. 

Ben's Cheeseburger on Sesame RM23.90

Ben's Cheeseburger caught my attention because it had the same name with the restaurant. The beef patty  covered with cheese tasted good! The beef patty texture might look solid from far but it is evenly minced and the moment it is in my mouth, it separated into tiny bits on first few bites. Perfect! I was also surprise how perfect is the side dish salad tasted. Different than any other salads i ever tried before, it had black sesame inside and everything inside just match up giving a different taste.

Caesar Salad with chargrill chicken RM19.90 + RM6.00

Caesar Salad is always a good option for girls since Shin wants to keep her calories low. The char-gilled chicken tasted good and more like smoke chicken to me. A well combination with different types of ingredients. They used different type of cheese than i expect because i always had it with powder cheese. Definitely something different for me and it taste better because normally powder cheese cover up all the taste on the food and you taste nothing but cheese. 

Toffee Date Pudding RM11.90

Toffee Date Pudding was recommended by the waiter and it was definitely the right choice. I was thinking if there is any dessert with ice cream and he read my mind! It is too moist to be call as moist cake and it is too soft to be call as sponge cake. It was so soft that it couldn't even hold the ice cream on top the moment it was serve into table. I can taste tiny bits of dates, funny how i got trick into eating date because i don't eat date at all but the overall taste cover it up. It's warm and the combination with ice cream is perfect. Best of all it is not too sweet. Must try!

Apple Elderflower Frostie RM11.90

Elderflower is a type of flower normally made into cordial and the combination with apple tasted similar like a mint but it is not as strong as mint.

It was a good place and i will definitely return again and try out other foods.

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Ben's Kitchen Sdn Bhd
Lot37A & 37B, Level G2, Publika
1, Jln Dutmas 1, Solaris Dutamas
50480 Kuala Kumpur
Tel : 603 - 62052768
Fax 603 - 62052767

Ben's Kitchen Fine dining experience was pleasant. I had a great time enjoying my meal over there.


  1. Glad u liked it.. it's a fail proof place. Most ppl will find it suitable for their tastebuds :)

    1. i see! i definitely like it and hope to go back to that place some day. :D

  2. Have to explore for their pork burger d.. look delicious!

  3. Hmmm this could be my dinner tonight! Love the sight of the burger. meaty!