Monday, April 2, 2012

How To Feast in CHUB's Grill | Karamunsing Capital

I have been wanting to dine in CHUB's Grill since last year and finally i got the chance to fest over there like a barbarian. I had receive tones of compliment from my friends about their grilled food and i just need to be there to taste everything out. Just so you know CHUB's Grill stands for Cool Honest Unpretentious Borneo's Grill

It was another relaxing Saturday night spending good time with good friend and we decided to head over to CHUB's grill for dinner. It's located at Karamunsing Capital on one of the corner shop blocks. You can never miss it if you did a full turn around the shops. Along the empty shoplot that i walked pass by i thought it might be a quiet night but surprisingly enough the restaurant was crowded and almost fullhouse. It's like a small fest inside there and everybody was having a great time. Best of all, i can smell the grill smoke by standing outside. 

Their service is definitely good. Well spoken English and very helpful as well. 

I think this is the only chicken grilled they serve. Let's start off with their side dishes. The chips was good, salad was fine, bread need to be crispier, the corn wasn't at it top quality that night because it was slightly over cook and wasn't well marinated with butter. However the main highlight was on the Grilled Chicken. I like how the Grill line mark on the chicken. It was well marinated and perfectly cook. The skin and meat was juicy and fresh. Price wise, you do get what you pay for and the portion is enough for a regular guy like me.   If you don't want the side dishes you can order just the chicken itself and fest like a barbarian. I give it a good 8/10.

Now i'm going to show you guys how to feast in CHUB's Grill!

They do provide wet tissues so don't worry about it. 

That is how you feast in CHUB's Grill. Finish it up like a boss! The satisfaction level using hand is higher than using knife and fork. I will definitely return to CHUB's Grill because this is one of the best place to obtain all the protein i need. Maybe i should celebrate my birthday over there this year or organize a reunion party.

Hayden Chan


  1. Great demonstration on how to eat the Grill Chicken~

  2. The quarter chicken looks tasty, and nice demo by the way :)

    1. the chicken tasted the best of the best. haha thank you thristhan! :D

  3. eat like a boss! LOL. the shots of yours look good eh

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    1. haha yes eat like a boss! haha thanks fish! :D