Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kitchen Boudlevard Restaurant + Bar | 88 Market Place Lido

A friend of mine suggested me this place after seeing it review on Foodiot KK's website. Apparently they gave the Restaurant a very good review and i couldn't agree more. However there are indeed tones of improvement they should make. The atmosphere of the restaurant is definitely good, warm and romantic kind of setting and their interior design is one of the kind in Kota Kinabalu. They even got this small first floor place for a small gathering of 10 - 15 people. They had sofa and tv up there to keep you comfortable. If you wish to have a private birthday party, this is the best place for you to be.

I like how they put on glass in front of their restaurant. You can really see all the way to the end from outside. I wonder how is it in the morning,

Grilled Chicken
The Grilled Chicken score an average of 5/10. It is serve with wedges, corn and mushroom sauce. The portion is good and it cost us RM16.90. The grilled chicken was slightly dried that night and it is not as juicy as i would expect it to be. 

Carbonara Beef Bacon RM17.90
The Carbonara sauce is rich in flavor and it goes well with the beef bacon. Nothing much to comment about this food.

Cordon Bleu RM17.90

I had Cordon Bleu that night and it was rather disappointing because i hardly see or taste any cheese inside the chicken that night. Anyone that tried Secret Recipe's Cordon Bleu would know how their Cordon Bleu's cheese flows out when you cut them into half. I believe they can improve on it because the everything tasted good but the main element of the dish did a major slash back on it.

Despite the comment i just made on their food i still think it's a good place to hangout and chill at night. 

Be careful of your head when you're at the first floor. 

Happy birthday Pei Wen! You still look like you're in 16 or even younger. In fact most of my girls coursemate look like 16 and below. It's a good thing.

There you go the food review of Kitchen Boudlevard Restaurant. If you wanna make any reservation their number is             016-5530992       (Floor Manager) I got the detail from Foodiot KK. 

 Lot G-6 Ground Floor
Block E88 Marketplace
Commercial Centre 88/2

Hayden Chan