Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Hard Is It to Lose Weight?

A large fast food can contain about 2200 calories , which at a burn rate of 85 - 100 calories per mile would required about full marathon to expend (Anderson et., 2003)

I came across this citation while i was doing some read up on journals in preparation for midterm term food habits exam and i find it interesting to share. Most of the people around us did not realize or do not bother to know how much calories does a large fast food meal set provide. Frequently enough the consumption of fast food over the years will lead to accumulation of excess fat and cause weight gain and other diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes.

 Of course if you couldn't see the effect after one consumption of large fast food set but it takes years to give out effect with sedentary lifestyle. 

Here is how i do some simple calculation to let you see a clearer picture.

1 gram of fat = 9 calories 

and let's assume you're excess of 2200 calories per day and your body decided to store all the excess energy into fat you will get 2200calories / 9 calories = 244.4 gram of fat (round it up for simpler calculation 0.25kg )

2200calories = 0.25kg fat

How many sets of large fast food do you need to gain 5kg? 

If 1 set give you 0.25kg of fat then you will required 20 set of fast foods to give you a weight gain of 5kg.

How far do you need to run to use up the 5kg of fat?
It was stated in the citation that a large fast food required about full marathon which burn about 80 - 100 calories per mile.
Now that we know about one full marathon would burn 0.24kg of fat that came fromt he 2200calories of large fast food. About full marathon length would be 40km and you will need to run 40km X 20 set of large meal (because that is the amount required to gain 5kg) giving you a 800km of marathon run to burn off that 5kg of weight.

Of course all the situation given above are just ideal condition where the body store 100% excess energy and doesn't use energy for daily activities. 
My point is, reduce fast food intake or better yet stop having fast food. If you know fast food is fattening in the first place, try to control your intake and live an active life by exercising more frequent. Don't go complaining you're fat in the morning and consume fast food for supper because you're hungry and you couldn't take it anymore. There are lots of  alternative foods for you to consume.

If you're already over weight then now is the time for you to start seeking for help to reduce your weight. 

Hayden Chan


  1. sigh. Though I know it's hard, though I know fast food isn't good, all delicious food are laden with calories..but... it's hard to give up...;( couldn't control...and that is where your hungry hog appetite comes in....;D

  2. I kinna regret the 2 months McD when I was too skinny, now I'm having problem to slim down T_T

  3. I stay away from fast food coz once start, kenot stop! so dai dai oso must abstain!

  4. It's easy to gain weight but so hard to lose weight!

  5. not so hard actually, the right exercise can lose a lot of weight. :P