Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ochado KK Suria Sabah

After long years of having YOYO bubble tea, a new bubble tea kiosk is here to rumble with YOYO. I guess it's a good news for everyone here in kk because they get to try something new but bad news for YOYO because the competition is on. 

 I'm surprised among all the leading bubble tea franchises in KL, Ochado is the first one to come over KK. I was hoping Gong Cha or Chatime would have make it here first but Ochado is fairly fine with me. If i'm not mistaken Ochado was first open at Pavilion Tokyo Street and it gave me the impression of Japanese version of bubble tea. 

Ochado KK Suria is located at first floor Kiosk A1. Please don't ask me where is it exactly located because i'm not familiar with KK Suria internal map and it is relatively easy to find. Just go to first floor and search around for their Kiosk. If i can find it you can find it too. ;) 

Just like any other bubble tea store in KL, they gave you a range of sugar content for your drinks. I remember ordering my drink with 50% sugar and my friend had 75% sugar in it. I can't really find any significant differences between 50% and 75%. Or maybe i messed up my taste bud by drinking the sweeter milk tea and end up couldn't differentiate them.   

Something new to try. Pop Eggs Milk Tea. It contained pearl filled with caramel and pop when you bite it. releasing all the caramel inside. I saw promotion of Ochado crepe cake in KL but unfortunately they do not have it here in KK yet, i hope it will be in store soon.

The price range for Ochado's drinks is around RM5 - RM8 depending on what you add on. Quality wise personally if i were to rank Ochado, Chatime and GongCha, i would say third, second and first respectively for now because it's all about personal preferences. However since both of the competitors are not here then i can only compare Ochado with Yoyo and i would say Ochado because it give you new selection of Bubble teas, selection of sugar level, and "i'm bored with YOYO".

Health note: Anything that consume overdose will lead to unbeneficial effects to health.

Hayden Chan