Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sabah Fest 2012 The Adventures of Narayang Premiere

Thank you so much Sabah Tourism and Borneo Colours for the invitation of Sabah Fest The Adventures of Narayang media premiere.

For more information click the link [here]

Basically the story is about a young rich trader called Narayang travel around in Sabah which were known as Sulu long ago. He found a princess and fall in love with her and his journey of finding the princess encounter different type of cultures in Sabah and ultimately you will need to be there to watch the entire musical cultural drama. 

The duration of drama : 1 hour plus
Ticket price : RM50 for adults & RM30 for students
Contact :+60 88 232121       
Location : Beside Luyang State Library 

Personal review on the musical drama.
I believe it is the first musical cultural drama in KK and it was held in a new building beside Luyang State Library.  Definitely a good expose of cultures around Sabah to the urban public or to foreigner. They showcase cultural dances from different type of cultures and all the costumes are really colorful. The cultural dances that were perform are Tabadak, Pinakang dance, Runsai Cagayan,Baknjar and Sayau Moginum, Liliput, Bubu Mengalai, Zapen Jamilah, Kuntau Menggatal, and Dindang Menggatal. Most of the dances i never seen before and i only know Sumazau dance. I was brief by  Pamela the the Publicity & Publication Manager of Sabah Tourism that the dancers actually practiced the dance at separate location at their own village and only start practicing together in few weeks time prior the main event. I was surprise they can actually choreograph perfectly. 

Now the big question is it worth to to watch? Yes it is because the cultural musical drama is like a all in one compact package where you can find most of the cultural dance here. You can witness their cultural dance without going far and all in an hour time. Best of all, we must support and spread the awareness of our unique cultures of Sabah.

Remember to visit the place in the morning too as there will be cultural foods stall exhibition.

Click here for the full set of pictures that night [here]

Hayden Chan


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