Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day 2012

In the midst of preparing for my last two final papers i suddenly realized today is Father's Day and decided to go through my old albums. I saw all the pictures of me from birth to high school and time really flies. The photo albums definitely bring back a lot of memories to me. 

Like any other typical Asian family, i grew up in an study first and play second family. You know like how when the parent do barter exchange on how long you study equivalent to how long you can play later? That's how i got cheated  motivated into study but that never happen because study time is always more than playing time. Anyway, it isn't like i don't have any fun or couldn't play at all. Dad always brought me to places around Sabah and Malaysia, he got me  toys each time he returned home from out-station, he taught me how to ride a bike and more. 

Those old days was awesome. We had a huge backyard enough for me do all sort of trolling to the plants and termites ant's nest. However during the transition of adolescent to teenager stage of life, i was rebellious, constantly making them worried sick of me, couldn't even sit down and had a proper conversation * every conversation is like WW3  , and more. I changed a lot back then but one thing never change is their love to me even though we always had to agree to disagree.

Happy Father's Day Dad! You're the greatest. You inspired me in so many ways in life. You always told me to be thrifty in using cash. One of the greatest quote from you was " it's now or never". You taught me the principle of  "if other people can do it, i can do it too." You taught me how to be responsible and finish where you started. You were always there for me when i'm in trouble. I remember how i sprained my ankle countless time and even i got a terrible scolding and forbidden from playing basketball you will still allow me to play the next few months when i'm healed. I now realized you were not angry of me but worried that i would get seriously get hurt and affect me later in life. Thank Dad I appreciated it. 

It's now or never - Dad

Looking back at my pictures, i found this particular picture very nostalgia. It was the first day of kindergarden school and few days before school started, i fell outside of the house running around and i went to school with a huge knee patch. I always challenge my dad that some day i will grow taller than him and of course i did but some how i wish i would not grow taller than him because that is when the time isn't much left... While we are busy growing up, they are busy growing old too. Appreciate the time given. 

No cakes or presents can make you truly happy because you can have all the things you want but i know all you want is me doing great in life. I know you are always constantly worry about me even up to these days. Things happen for a reason and like any other parents you are worry about my future too. You always wanted to go for education as a profession because was a clear straight line to stable income in government sector but i resisted and instead i went for nutrition stream. I didn't told you about this but i want to inspire and cure others with the knowledge i obtain in nutrition. We didn't talk much initially because of my choice but things got better again and perhaps some day you will understand and i know even now you are starting to. And finally one of the thing that he always remind me about is " i'm couldn't be here forever to see you".

Someday i will take the path myself and carry on your inspiration in my life and make you proud. 

 I'm couldn't be here forever to see you son - Dad.

Love you Dad
Hayden Chan