Friday, June 8, 2012

Hungry People Restaurant | Lintas Plaza

Thank you Monica Ong and Angeline Ong from Everydayfoodilove for the food review invitation at Hungry People Restaurant. It's really kind of you guys to invite me over and the great foods did help in reducing my final exam stress. Hungry People is a newly open restaurant located on the same row as Pizza Hut at Lintas Plaza.

 Basically they served a variation of cuisine from Western dishes to Asian dishes. However the Asian dishes are the ones that caught my attention. Ayam Penyet, Gado - Gado and Nasi Bojari are all highly recommended and i believe they are the distinctive meals  that you must try in the restaurant.

First up we had Lamb Shank a portion of meat around the tibia which is right below the knee of the lamb. The food is presented  with carrots, beans and mash potato and the sauce was a good match with lamb shank and everything tasted fine. Definitely, a rich source of protein and low fat content too. 

There are varieties to dine a steak, you can have it medium rare (warm red center & firm) or you can even have it well done (gray throughout the meat & firm) which you might end up chewing your meat like a cow   but most importantly you love how your steak is cooked. I like mine medium (pink and firm) not too juicy and not too tender. Char Grill Rib Eye Steak was medium well which leave a small amount of pinkish meat in the middle of the meat, generally i'm satisfied with it. Always remember to let your chef know what kinds of steak do you want whenever you order one.

The Pan Fried Salmon is really fresh and the presentation is rather unique because they add on a local vegetable bayam underneath the salmon. The cheese shower on top of the salmon wins my heart because i love cheese and salmon.

Ayam Penyet, Nasi Bojari and Gado - Gado are the foods that united our thoughts and we all agreed that they tasted great that night. All of these meals are from Indonesia and each of them are unique and not many restaurant serve them here in KK.

 If you are spicy lover, Ayam Penyet will be your choice because it is really spicy. I once tried the newly open Ayam Penyet in 1B and it turn me into a breathing dragon. Luckily the Ayam Penyet in Hungry People isn't that spicy to me but Angeline said it's spicy so all i can say is you should be fine to try it out. The spiciness lies in the special sauce which you can chose to serve separately or mix with your chicken. Nasi Bojari however isn't that spicy and it is served with beef rendang and their special rice. The yellowish rice is somewhat similar to nasi briyani but as far as i can recall Nasi Briyani contain raisin and this Nasi Bojari contained dried shrimp, which contributed to the fragrance and open up your appetite. Both of the chicken served in Ayam Penyet and Nasi Bojari is juicy and very well cook. 

Gado - Gado also known as Indonesian Salad and it is also a well known hawker dish in Indonesia. In Hungry people it is served with a combination of vegetables, keropok, tempeh, fried taufu and covered up with peanut sauce. The peanut sauce is really fragrance and the fried tempeh was crispy. Perfect combination.

Lastly the creamy mushroom soup. Don't be fool with the plain looking mushroom soup the creamy texture mushroom soup is homemade and it tasted genuinely mushroom in it. Overall, it's worth trying the place out and the price range is around RM11 to RM40. Best try the Indonesian food they served. 

Below is the map and click the small icon. it will show you the address to the place.

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Hungry people
Lot 8 - 0
Jalan Lintas Plaza 2
Tel no : 088 - 232012
Email :

 Hayden Chan


  1. ohoh! the logo for this restaurant is a monkey! haha... well i would like to try this place when I'm back to KK soon :)

    1. haha suits your blog link man. you should also try another place near by there called brass monkey restaurant.

  2. mushroom soup looked delicious...

    1. the mushroom soup is a must try dish over there! ;)

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