Monday, July 30, 2012

Alu Alu Cafe Gayana Eco Resort at Jesselton Port

It was just a year ago when i first got invited over to Gayana Eco Resort Alu - Alu Restaurant [previous food review post] to try their food out and this year they open a new Alu - Alu Cafe at Jesselton Port. I wasn't expecting them to open a new branch in KK mainland but this will definitely save my time without traveling to Pulau Gaya to try delicious seafood dishes. Thank you so much for inviting over Symington

The concept of the cafe is all about serving organic food. All of their fishes are self raise in a fish farm and the vegetables are organic too. Customer can also purchase them here as well. 

Chinese Herb & Yam Soup (Fish Head) - RM25

Fish Ball with Glass Noodle Soup - RM16

Salted Vegetable & Beancurd Soup (Mix Fish Head) - RM25

First we are served with 3 different kinds of soups namely Chinese herb and yam soup with fish head, Fish ball with glass noodle, Salted vegetable & beancurd soup with fish head. All these 3 soups give a distinctive rich flavor of seafood taste. The Chinese Herb and Yam Soup is really healthy because it contain chinese fungus mushroom and  red dates. As for the Fish Ball with Glass Noodle soup, it's a clear broth with fish ball and glass noodle. Lastly, the Salted Vegetable & Beancurd Soup contain salted vegetable and it give a sour taste the soup. 

Fish Fillet with Wasabi Potato - RM20

Fish fillet with wasabi potato is a combination of  blend fish, potato and alittle bit of wasabi. It's chewiness and  I can taste the present of wasabi in it and the soft crust fried ball is perfectly blend together until you can hardly tell them apart. 

Stir Fried Fish Fillet with Butter Milk Sauce - RM20

The Stir fried fish fillet with butter milk sauce is overwhelmingly rich with butter flavor and i liked how juicy and fresh the fish fillet are. I will always go for butter flavor sauce if there is any in the menu and nothing can go wrong with butter.

Braised Fish Head with Beancurd in Claypot – RM32
At this point the dishes just kept on coming out and when the Braised Fish head with Beancurd in Claypot came out, the hissing sound of hot claypot caught my attention. 

Thai Style Ba Jiao Fish Fillet - RM20

Ba jiao is a local native ethnic in Sabah  and the Thai Style Ba Jiao Fish Fillet sauce is really unique because it taste like mix nyonya sauce and thai sauce. You can hardly find this particular kind of dishes anywhere in Sabah.

Organic Bak Choy with Garlic RM12.00

The organic bak choy is really crunchy and freshly. When i bite the vegetable stem the crispy crunchy sound came out loud and clear. 

Steam Chicken with Salt (Kampung Chicken) - RM45

The kampung chicken meat is firm, lean and juicy. They manage to retain the juiciness of the chicken meat and i was devouring the chicken faster than anyone else there. 

Braised Fish Head with Enoki Mushroom and Red Dates RM32.00

Lastly, the soft smooth fish head serve with enoki mushroom and red date is tantalizing. The mix aroma of all the ingredients makes me drool and the fish heat meat literary melt in my mouth. A must try dish!

Meals can be as affordable at RM10nett per person (for the general lunch workforce) where they can order a soup of their choice with fish fillet/fish head/fish ball etc. and comes with noodles (dry or soup) or with rice.

Website :
 Location : Jesselton Point, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Beside Canon Office 
 Contact No. : +6 013 860 6220/ +6 088 380 390 (Symington Jenkins)

Writer's thoughts -  Would definitely bring my family over for any relatives members birthday party!

Hayden Chan

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