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Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Wendy House and Thong Lo Street Food - Bangkok Day 1

Bangkok Day 1

FAQ: How to get to Wendy House from Airport? and How much is the total fare? Total travel fare from airport to Wendy House 150 baht, RM15. Time taken estimated 1 hour.

We arrived at the airport and we took Airport Rail Link at Basement floor to the city which cost us 90 baht each.

Upon arriving at Makassan, we walked to Phetchaburi  MRT subway (about 500 meters). *Note you are required to open up your bag for security checking at Phetchaburi MRT subway station. 

We purchased the ticket to Sukhumit MRT station 15 baht and get on to ASOK BTS. 

From ASOK BTS we purchased  another ticket to National Stadium where Wendy House is located. 35 Baht. There are two rail lines but you can buy directly from Asok to National Stadium BTS however you need to get off at Siam BTS and get on another train which is heading to National Stadium which is another side of the platform. There is no need of getting out the station and re-enter again. 

Previously i posted up about Wendy House, you may click on it and read about it.

Bangkok Day 1 Evening

We asked a Tuk Tuk driver to bring us for some good food and he brought to a tourist restaurant seafood and both of us spend 700 baht in the seafood restaurant. It may not be expensive but you can get cheaper and authentic thai's food. Do explore yourself and try the food beside the street or shopping mall's food court.  *Reminder to all, never ever take tuk tuk without any specific destination.

After we had our dinner where the Tuk Tuk brought us to we decided to walk around and we end up at Thong Lo.

You can easily spot the night street market from Thong Lo BTS. 

Mango Sticky Rice
I'm fine with the coconut milk with rice but i didn't finish it all though. I love the mango over there. The mango seed is thin and the meat is so thick and it is sweet too. For my entire Bangkok 4 days trip i had 6 mangoes. :D I could have top my personal record up by having the seventh mango at the airport but it was too expensive. :(  60 baht for mango sticky rice. RM6

Huge cup fresh fruit juice at 20 - 25baht. Rm2 - Rm2.5.

Another food i love in Bangkok is Pork Satay. Unlike Malaysia, it is really rare to find Pork Satay around. I don't even think Sabah have any pork Satay but in Bangkok everywhere is pork satay. 
Direct translation: Heaven 

Bo Ping (Pork Stick). Previously i tried pork satay and thought it was really good but this pork stick is even better. Juicy and tender firm nice succulent pork meat. 20 baht each and i had 3 of them. I had the entire piece of pork stick in my mouth and pull it out leaving the stick only and that shock the aunty because i ate it too fast.  I swear i can have more if i found this pork stick in the first place. I'm going to try to make some in the next BBQ session.

Pork minced ball. 

The writer's view -  Go straight to Thong Lo night market using BTS to try their street food. Best come with empty stomach so you can try more food. Let me know if you love the Pork Stick like i do! Oh Goddd i miss Bangkok already.

Hayden Chan

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