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Huge Cafe Food Review | Damai

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Huge Cafe is located near Damai Glory Church at the corner, with the huge signboard you will never miss the shop if you make a turn around damai plaza shop lot. They serve Western and Asian food with the price ranging around Rm10 - Rm30. The first impression it gave me when i heard this cafe is everything must be huge there and we will see about that in this food review post. 

Chicken Fish Fillet Burger Rm20.80

First up, the chicken fist fillet burger live up my expectation of Huge Cafe name because of the enormous size of the burger. There's a selection of combination between chicken and fish fillet patties or double chicken patties or double fish patties. Talk about pattiception.We had fresh fish fillet and crispy chicken patty for our review and it taste awesome. The fries look huge and i like how the fresh uncut lettuce is in the burger. Best eat with hand and barbarian style or maybe epic meal time style. 

Single beef burger with fries RM10.90

Next we had single beef burger and this is in one of the family tree in Huge Cafe burger but smaller in size. Juicy tender beef patty topped with melted cheese and served with fries is good for any meal of the day. If you're not a big eater, this could be perfect for you.

Egg Plant Pizza Rm15.50

Egg Plant Pizza was introduce in KK Food Festival back in few years time. Topped with chicken and egg plant this pizza got my eye brown rise for the first time after hearing the name egg plant. Yes egg plant the purple plant which is also known as brinjal. I don't think i ever heard any italian pizza using egg plant as topping before but this pizza over here taste good. The mozzarella cheese look superb and mouth watery! and to my surprise the combination of chicken , mozzarella cheese and egg plant can actually blend really well.

Black Pepper Lamb spaghetti RM13.50

Now, this is Asian and Western fusion kind of spaghetti to me. Inside the black pepper lamb spaghetti, you get a combination of mushroom, and as well as capsicum. It doesn't taste too spicy for a black pepper sauce based spaghettiTotally worth your cash because Huge Cafe is throwing in a generous amount of lamb meat in it. 

Cheesy fries rm6.50

Cheesy salad chicken RM8.50

Both of the cheesy fries and wedges can be on par with KFC's Cheesy Wedge. The cheese sauce is concentrate and the wedges and fries are crispy and i'm sure any cheese and potato lovers would love both of these. 

fried fish slice with kon lou mee RM8.00

Cheesy salad chicken RM8.50

Moving on to Asian Cuisine, Huge cafe serves kon lou mee with soup and cheesy salad chicken rice. The fried fish gives abit of salty and seafoody flavor taste to the soup. Just like the black pepper lamb spaghetti, it is another generous give away on fried fish in Huge Cafe. I find it cheerful to have a smile on the cheesy salad chicken and it is a creative and welcoming embedded meaning to show to the customer. 

From left, Mango Smoothie Rm4.50, Kum Guat Honey Rm4.00, Passion Green Tea Rm3.50, and Red Bean Smoothie Rm4.50

After having all the food, it's time to try their signature drinks. *Drum Roll.. The HUGE drinks! Nah i'm just making it up so you would read it. But one thing for sure all the Huge Cafe's drinks are huge and it is perfect for a hot sunny day. Price wise, it is worth the money you pay. 

Desserts. Middle : pure milk pudding RM3.50
Above: Chocolate eclair, white chocolate Eclair Rm1.80 each. 
below Cream Puff: RM1.80 each.

Lastly, Huge Cafe also serves desserts such as Pure Milk Pudding, Chocolate Eclair, White Chocolate Eclair and Cream Puff. Sweet tooth people would have extra stomach for these. their thin crust chocolate and white chocolate eclair can melt a lady's heart anytime of the day. The cream puffs are filled with fluffy fresh cream.As for the milk pudding, i like how the texture of the pudding holding up and it taste like a fresh milk to me when the pudding melt in my mouth. 

The writer's review - There is a selection of western and asian food over at Huge Cafe and  i would recommend you to try on the huge burger they have over there. The portion of the huge burger is enough for two but if you have a huge appetite you should go solo on it. Do visit them anytime of the day during opening hour to try their food!
Hayden Chan

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