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Red Place Restaurant | Penampang Towering

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Once again thank you to for the food review invitation. They have been really generous in giving me food review sessions. Recently i have been putting on weight but look at the bright side i am able to try a lot of new and tasty food around in KK. Special thanks to Red Place for the awesome foods. They really feed us full that night.

Address: Lot 18 Taman Victory, Mile 4 1/2, Jalan Penampang, 88300 Kota Kinabalu
Opening hours: Mon - Sun: 10:30 am - 12:00 am
Contact No: 088-710 762
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Serve no pork

A short background profile on Red Place's chef.
Chef Jacky Tung had seven years of experience in fine dining and some of the well known places he worked before were mandarin oriental Singpore Italian fine dining restaurant (Dolce Vita),Nexus (Olives) and Rasa Ria (Coast). 

Redplace Garden Salad with Balsamico Dressing (Vegetarian) RM8.90

The taste of  Balsamico dressing is strong and it gives a complex blend of sweet and sour and maybe a little bit bitterness to those that are sensitive to bitter taste. Quite appetizing and refreshing as well. Serve with cucumber, olive slices, lettuces and toasted bread.

Pan-fry Chicken Breast Salad with Mustard Orange Dressing Rm12.90
The first thing that pops out into my mind is refreshing!  A blend of orange zest and lemon juice with olive dressing give out a limey aroma and slight sour-sweet taste is refreshing. Perfect for balance low calories diet, this meal is pack with vitamin C, protein and essential fatty acid . Generously topped with chicken breast slices, the portion may be good enough for a light snack or a dinner if ladies. 

Juicy Beef Burger with black pepper sauce. RM14.90
They make their own beef patty by mincing up selected beef meat.  This beef burger is succulent good and it is one of the best i ever tried. It is a must try food over there. 

Crispy Chicken Burger Rm12.90

Tasty and crispy chicken patty. Satisfying because the size of the chicken patty is larger than the burger bread. 

From the left, Durian Smoothie, Blueberry Smoothie, Mango Smoothie, Lychee ice blended, Oreo Frappe. All the smoothies and ice blend price are RM6.50. Not too pricey right?  I would recommend you to try Durian Smoothie because is something unique and i don't think you can find it anywhere in KK except in Red Place. It uses original durian flesh but the taste isn't strong like the real ones.

Redplace Cheesy Mexican tortilla RM6.50
Thin slices of cheesy Mexican tortilla is filled with cucumber, carrots and ham. The portion is enough for a light snack. 

Tuna Pizza

Salmon Pizza
Both of the pizzas taste amazing. Thin crust and full with cheese topping as well. 

Chicken Mushroom Au-gratin
This special dish will be feature in groupon soon and currently not in the menu yet. This chicken mushroom contain two different sauces. 

Beef Lasagna 
Cheesy sinful beef lasagna! Definitely a cheese lover choice. 

New Zealand Beef Striploin Steak (250gram) RM30.90

New Zealand Beef Striploin Steak (250gram) RM30.90
New Zealand Beef Striploin Steak was my favorite dish of the night. With a cut of a knife, I can see the meat is evenly cook on every side and it leaves a uniform medium rare in the inner part of the meat.  The beef texture is tender, firm and juicy! You wouldn't have any problem chewing it at all. 

Pomodoro Mushroom with Crispy chicken RM13.90
The pomodoro mushroom sauce tastes good and it gives a unique blend of sour and sweet taste. 

Salmon Steak 200gram RM29.90
Somehow it resemble a boat with vegetable salad as the captain deck and mashed potato as the cargo on top of the salmon. This salmon steak is very well grilled. The juiciness and the texture of the salmon very well retain. I like how beautifully arranged the food is and how clean and smooth circular the sauce is drawn on the plate. This is the artwork of an experience chef. 

Lamb Chop Rm21.90

Lamb Chop is good too and meat texture is well cooked as well.  The mashed potato that is served along the lamb chop tasted really good and the texture is smooth and creamy liked.

Chocolate Banana Cake

Carrot Cake

Cheese Cake

Red Place also serves cakes from Flamespastry. The banana chocolate is really good. At first glance it looks like a banana moist cake but when i had it , it gave me a surprise because the taste of the banana is strong and fresh. The blend of the chocolate taste and banana is perfectly well!

The writer's overall view - The atmosphere at Red Place is warm and comfortable and they also provide none smoking and smoking are as well. The salads are really healthy and fresh. The price of the drinks are reasonable and personally i recommend you to try their New Zealand Beef Striploin Steak. They also provide custom menu for events catering like birthday party and house warming party. Definitely going back again with my friends for gathering or party. 

Hayden Chan 
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  1. Those NZ beef looked famish. Sluurrpp! May one day try this outlet.