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Top 12 Best Food Must Try In Tuaran (Ultimate Tuaran Guide™)

I grew up in Tuaran until 16 and moved down to KK. Growing in Tuaran in the 80s - 90s gave me the best childhood experience that i can ever had. Now after 8 years of leaving Tuaran I decided to gather all the great food in hope to promote it to everyone.

After two months of driving back and forth from KK to Tuaran just to get all the food and shop pictures taken for my Tuaran Food Guide, it is finally done! I lost count of how many times i went to Tuaran but this is for you food hunter out there to try all the best food that Tuaran has to offer. 

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A  complete map with all the restaurants' location can be found at the end of the post so embrace yourself for all the tasty food!

1. Beef Tuaran Mee 斗亚兰面加牛肉 (RM6.50)

It was in 2010 when Ahbing.com first posted up his ultimate guide on KK food and one of his favorite dishes is Tuaran Mee. Tuaran mee is only available in Sabah and it can be found in KK but it is best to come Tuaran and try out the authentic ways of cooking Tuaran mee. I like Tuaran mee served with Beef but if you don't favor beef you can always try other toppings such as char siew, and chicken.

2. Sweet and Sour Pork Rice 古老肉饭 (RM6.50)

Sweet and sour pork is available throughout Sabah but Tuaran's sweet and sour taste juicier and springier.

3. Beef Mee Hoon 炒 米粉加牛肉(RM6.50)

Beef mee hoon may not be as famous as Tuaran mee but it is equally good as Tuaran Mee. The taste of the beef sauce on top of the fried mee hoon is really tasty. 

Restoran Tai Fatt

Location: Same row as Maybank
Opening Hour: 7am - 6pm

They serve one of the best Tuaran Mee in town.

4. Onion Beef Rice 姜葱牛肉饭 (RM6.50)

Another beef delicacy. Up to now i start to realize most of the good food in Tuaran contain beef. Stir frying onion, ginger, and beef with pepper sauce.

5. Stuffed Toufu 酿豆腐 (RM1.00)


Lok Kyun Restaurant

Location: In front of Tuaran Public Library
Opening Hour : Morning - Afternoon

They also serve Tuaran Mee!

6. Chicken Pau 鸡肉包 (RM1.70)

Soft and steamy hot bun is one of the best food you should try in Tuaran. They make their own pau every morning and afternoon. Alternatively you can also try char siew pau or tou sa pau (red bean pau). I always had my breakfast here before i go to school when i was in primary. 

Kedai Kopi Fook Sin
Location: Opposite Tuaran dry market. 

They only make two batches of pau. One in the early morning and another in the afternoon. 

Best go before 10am or after 3pm.

7. Rojak Ayam (RM4.00) 

You got yellow noodle, egg, bean spout,  chicken slices, peanut sauce as dressing. Squeeze it with lime you will get a complex mixture of taste.

8. Beef Soto Mee Hoon (RM4.00)

This is one of the best soto i have ever tried before in my life! and i mean it. I remember when i was sick and i had no appetite for any food but miraculously except for this food. I guess the main reason is because of the added lime in it making it really appetizing.

 Do taste the original taste of the soup before adding the lime.  I always like to smash up the egg yolk and add a bit of chili and lime to give it a spicy and sour taste. Mee hoon would be my recommendation to try first.

Read here if you need more prove and testimony  Mei Tzeu Review of Tuaran Soto 

Kedai Kopi Yung Siong

Location: Opposite UOB bank or near Tuaran Clock tower.
Opening hour: Morning - Afternoon

9. Char Siew Tuaran Mee 斗亚兰面加叉烧 (RM4.50)

Tuaran Mee chau siew at above market restaurant is less oilier. This is my mum's favorite place because less oilier. Wong's families have a history of making Tuaran Mee way back in the 60s. Now they are supplying Tuaran Mee to restaurants around Sabah which is known as Wong's Tuaran Mee.

10. Jelly Grass with Milk 凉粉生奶 (RM2.00)

Jelly Grass with milk was my childhood favorite drink. The lady still recognized me after all these years and when i couldn't recall the name of the drink, she knows what i want because the moment i said " i want to drink..errr.. " 凉粉生奶!!! shouted the lady. She truly made my day. Best of all she can even recall who am i! Why? because of my small eyes =.= 

Above Market shop (Local name)

Location: Tuaran dry market building.
Opening hour:  8am - 2.30 pm. 

Commonly known as "Above Tuaran Market Shop" by the local, they serve Seafood Tuaran Mee. Tuaran mee price range from RM4.50 - RM5.50. They serve only pork, and seafood toppings. 

11. Perca Sambal (RM1.00)

Perca Sambal is a mixture of Steam mee hoon, sliced cucumber, bean sprout, bamboo shoot, peanut sauce as dressing warp in banana leaves. All together for the price of RM1. It resembles gado gado but with lesser ingredients in it. 

Location: Tuaran market

Available during Tuaran Sunday Market 5am - 1pm and weekdays as well in Tuaran Market but different location. Try spot her during the weekdays infront of Tuaran dry market under the huge tree.

Opening hour: Depend on the sales of the day. 

12. Nasi Ayam Juara Chicken Rice RM4.50

Their yellowish rice is really fragrance and the chicken is juicy. They serve no pork.

Restoran Juara 
Location: Same roll as Tuaran Supermarket.

Opening Hour: 9am - 9pm Everyday

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Note: You might want to zoom the map in and switch the map into Satellite mode because the map in Tuaran is not accurate and i pinpoint the location using satellite so it will be easier for you to identify Tuaran Map when you're there.

Thank you to ahbing.com for the advises, motivation, mentoring and inspiration. Thank you to my friends that follow me up to Tuaran to try out all the food over there.

I might top up with more Tuaran food in future but that is all for now. Do share it all to your friends and plan a day trip to Tuaran to try all the awesome food over there. Thank you! :)

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  1. Omg, havent had good soto for SO long!! =O And I've never had beef tuaran mee, looks YUMMEH!! I usually have the cha siew and chun juan one.. =) Thanks for this, gonna be really useful!!

    1. Beef Tuaran Mee is heaven. hahaha I never go for cha siew or chun juan one :p if you love beef you will love everything with beef there. :D haha must visit tuaran!

  2. Mee tuaran is one of ma favorite food..its look nice..but i dun think it is halal ;D sayang..a nice food i cannot eat :D but i saw it was nice :(

  3. thanks for sharing those good list.

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  4. This was a really great post that helped us enjoy our short visit to tuaran. Thanks!

    1. your welcome mike! i'm glad the post help you out during your short visit to tuaran :) hope you enjoy your visit.

  5. #6 Fook Sin is closed :( Now replaced with a Malay warung. Oh well. Thanks for the guide, #1 Beef Tuaran mee was delicious (anyone else reading this, order "mee goreng beef / chau mien, niu rou" - Tuaran mee in Tuaran is just fried mee apparently lol)

  6. #4 Lok Kyun onion beef rice was good, but it's similar to KL's "kiong chung kai fan" or spring onion chicken rice, just with good tender beef and dark soy sauce. #5 tofu was meh. Don't bother with Lok Kyun's Tuaran mee, it's miles behind #1. They're within 50m of each other so I'd try one then walk to the other. Personally I'd just go for Seng Heng Tuaran mee in KK. Just to update, thanks very much for the article! Now onwards to Kundasang for me :D

  7. Update: Seng Heng in KK isn't that good anymore :( Maybe changed chef. Now my new #1 Tuaran Mee is in Tai Fatt as shown above #1. Best beef ever. I wonder how does it compare to Ah Soon Kor in SS3 PJ Selangor.