Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tuaran Sunday Morning Market 5am - 1pm

One of the places you must in Tuaran is the Sunday Market. Smaller than Gaya Street Sunday Market they open from 5am to 1pm. There will be a lot of native indigenous seller setting up stores selling fruits, life chickens, raw meat from cow, chicken, local food, fresh fish, herbs like Tongkat Ali, plumbing materials and etc. FYI, Tuaran is located about 30 km away from KK.

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Perca Sambal was my childhood favorite food but i didn't had it as frequent as Tuaran Mee so eventually i forgotten about it.. I used to annoyed mum to get it for me when i was younger and today when i saw this food my childhood memory came back when i saw the store set up with 2 huge basket of ingredients and a pot of concentrated peanut sauce. The taste is still that awesome and in fact the food taste even better than last time. Now I learn how to appreciate the local food provided in Tuaran.
I asked her which ethnic food is this? and she told me tt does resemble gado gado the Javanese food but after a short discussion with the her  we agree on the name called a type of traditional food. 

The ingredients are simple yet it can produce such perfect taste together. Steam mee hoon, slice cucumber, bean sprout,long bean, bamboo shoot and finally the peanut sauce as dressing. The peanut sauce is the one completes everything. You will have a bit crunchy bite on the bean sprout and cucumber, and the sweetness from the peanut sauce. All together a perfect snack of RM1 with banana warp as well. 

Friendly aunty not only she let me take pictures of her but she also share with me all her ingredients she uses. She even asked me to bring all my friends to eat her food. So guys please visit her and i hope she will get so busy  in future until her ingredients finish in few hours time.  

She opens around Tuaran Market in only two location along the street in front of the dried market building. Best find her during Sunday morning market. 

Tuaran market is also abundant with banana because it's one of the staple food for the local. Most of the vegetables and fruits are planted by the seller and it is cheaper than KK. 

The chicken wings here in Tuaran are larger and cheaper than KK. Some times i just felt that some of the KK food are too expensive and simply hike up price just for the sake of their own profit or maybe because they are well-known.

Writer's advise - On Sunday the traffic in central Tuaran will be very slow so best way is to park your car in a walking distant and walk over to the Sunday Market. You may want to be there early in the morning around 8 - 10am because the weather can be really hot in Tuaran. Bring tones of water to keep yourself hydrated! 
Hayden chan 


  1. halo, i thnk this is the 1st time dropping by~
    Juz went to Sabah too~ and tried Tuaran Mee..hahaha`

    1. hi! thank you for dropping by. i'm glad you tried Tuaran mee. it's one of the best in Sabah :)

  2. Wish I coulda joined you, but my pillow's voice sweeter than yours.. HAHAHA.. Looks like you had a great time!! The sellers all so friendly.. =)

    1. HAHAHA my pillow's voice is sweeter than yours. ape ni! there will always be next project! and i know who to find :)