Monday, July 23, 2012

We Meet New Awesome Friends at Bangkok

Day 2 in Bangkok Moring

Highlight: My hunt for Thai's mango and pork bbq continue and along the way we randomly made new friends and we end up traveling together the entire day ...


After our breakfast in Wendy House, we went to Bangkok Grand Palace using BTS skytrain and their public river boat transportation. From National Stadium BTS we took a train straight to Saphan Taksin BTS . Over at Saphan Taksin we got into a tourist boat to Maharaj Pier. 

Noted that tourist boat cost you 40baht and public local boat will cost you 20baht. if i remember correctly. 

The good thing about tourist boat is you get to do sight seeing in front of the boat deck while you cruise along the Chao Phrya River and you get a bit of brief introduction of surrounding structures by the tour guide speaker on the boat.

Tourist Boat

Local Public Boat

However the tourist boat only operate until 4pm or 5pm so anytime after that you will need to take public boat at Tha Chang Pier. Public boat may be congested during peak hour and unlike subway or bts station you couldn't tell which pier are you stopping next. My advise is best ask a friendly local to assist you or let them know your destination so they could alert you once the boat reaches.

Getting on the public boat is like getting on to a public bus because we were require to pay on board. The most amazing thing about the public boat is they never seem to worried about the limit of the passengers. They will just keep on taking people in and i think there was like over 100 people or near 150 people on board! I wonder if any of the boat sink before. River water splashing in,  people are pack together to near sardin like situation and the smell

We got confused between between Maharaj Pier and Tha Chang Pier because we thought both local and tourist boat uses the same pier and we ended up walking a long way to Maharaj pier just to find out the tourist boat is close and Tha Chang Pier was just right in front of us while we were having our hightea at the local food market stores. *Facepalm. 

Pictures along the Chao Phraya River

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It takes about 15 - 20 minutes with slow cruise along the river to reach Maharaj Pier. Upon arriving Maharaj Pier we walked to Bangkok Palace. As we were walking, we noticed two ladies walking the same direction as us and all of the sudden i-can't-recall we started to talk and we found out they are going to Bangkok Palace too!

OH YESH THIS IS MY LUCKY DAY! subconsciously mind talking to myself. 

Wang Min, Caroline, Me and Yoong Lim

I don't know why i started to talk with them at first place but i felt like it's a fate or something that we meet and travel the entire day. We had tones of fun and we shared our culture. They are studying in Korea but Wang Min is originated from China and Caroline is from Canada. Super friendly and felt like we knew each another for ages.

To be continue...! 

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