Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1Borneo 金糖 Gam Tong Hong Kong Recipe RM88+ Beijing Duck Set Meal

Recently Gam Tong just launched their new set package for duck lover fans out there with RM88+ Beijing Duck set meal for 4 - 5 pax. With RM88 you will get one whole Beijing duck, Bittergourd Sliced Duck with Black Bean, Steamed Fish Fillet with Preserved Meat, Beancurd and Vege with Abalone sauce, Boiled Duck with Tomato Soup and herbal jelly. Oh! please do make a one day advance booking for the package that you are going to have. 

To kick start the dinner review, we were served with a fine gorgeous looking roasted duck and the chef helped us to slice the duck's skin bit by bit. After slicing it, the crispy duck skin was then wrapped along different kinds of vegetables with tortilla skin. 

Sliced Duck Skin

The sliced duck skin wrapped in tortilla along with onions, cucumber and a thin spread of sweet sauce was magnificent!  The crunchy bite of the vegetable and the sweet crispy duck slice made me want for more. Once i finished up the first one, i immediately went for another.

Beancurd and Vege with Abalone sauce

The sauce was viscous, thick and overwhelming rich with true abalone flavor. As for the duck's wing i had it clean leaving only the bone in few minutes time. 

Boiled Duck with tomato soup 

The Boiled Duck with Tomato soup was splendid and with all the vegetables in it, it gives out a sourish and sweet flavor to the soup.

 Bittergourd Sliced Duck with Black Bean

Surprisingly the sliced bitter gourd in this particular dish didn't taste bitter at all. In fact for a highly sensitive to bitter taste guy like me enjoyed the duck meat and the sauce as well. 

Steamed Fish Fillet with Preserved Meat

Fresh steam fish with a combination of mushroom, carrots and preserved meat was my favorite dish of the night. The thin slices of fish fillet were fresh and smooth. I can taste a mixture of ingredients flavor in the fish fillet as well. 

That's all for RM88+ set meal package and personally i think it's worth the money you pay for. Get a group of 4 would be perfect if you wish to try out the set meal. That night we had up to 6 people joining the food review and it was enough  for everyone so i believe the set meal is more than enough for 4 - 5 people.

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Gam Tong is located opposite Watson store.

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