Thursday, August 30, 2012

Only In Sabah Yit Foh Tenom Coffee Since 1960

Last month i had the experience of driving more than 800km from KK - Keningau - Tenom - Sipitang - KK and how do i feel about it? My butt sore to the max. I recall Daniel telling me how his butt almost crack from this epic 26 hours of journey from Hanoi to Luang Prabang  [Post]. I don't think i can survive the 26 hours trip. 

FYI, i'm born in Tenom but i was there for a week before my parent brought me over to Tuaran and rise me up like a man for next 17 years. However, i do return to Keningau and Tenom occasionally during Chinese New Year because most of my relatives are there. 

On my trip i had the chance to visit and being tour around in the famous Yit Foh Tenom Coffee. Yit Foh Tenom Coffee has been around since 1960 and they have been continuing producing one of the finest roasted Robusta coffee in Sabah.  

Yit Foh Coffee Factory 

The moment i step down the car, the strong coffee aroma just fill up my lungs and i automatically felt energetic after my long drive. We were lucky  to be tour around by the owner of Yit Foh Mr. 

Tenom Coffee in sachet is definitely one of the brilliant ways of  preparing your coffee. It is fast, easy and clean and best of all it still gives you the authentic aroma and taste of grinded tenom coffee. 

Siphon Coffee maker is a unique way of brewing the coffee by heating the hot water in vacuum and while the water vapor continue to expand up to some point it pushes up the hot water up to the siphon tube and to the grind coffee.The result of the brew coffee? Strong and slightly bitter than ordinary brewed coffee.

Tenom Coffee Ice Cream Float

I have seen ice cream floating in so many drinks and this is something what i least expect to see. I never heard of ice cream served with coffee but surprising it taste awesome. The vanilla ice cream is a perfect match with the latte coffee. 

I strongly recommend anyone that come to Sabah should try tenom coffee because the authentic taste of the coffee and of course you can only find it in Sabah. Come to think of it there are a numbers of local made products like Tenom Coffee, Desa Milk, Sabah Tea and etc. Perhaps i should make a post about talking about all the local made products. 

Hayden Chan

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  1. Great post! I am planning to go to Tenom soon and i am very interested to visit Yit Foh Factory. May i know where is it located in Tenom? How far from the town?