Sunday, August 19, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya! Asia City Ramadhan Bazzar

Selamat Hari Raya Guys! It has been a while since i last update my blog with personal post. I'm currently having long semester break and when i say long it's as long as 3.5 months! It's really dreadful to have 3.5 months of holiday. But look at the bright side, 3 weeks from now i will be starting my third year! Time flies. 

During my semester holiday i backpacked to Bangkok, which is an amazing place and i will definitely visit Bangkok again. I miss those friends that we meet over in Bangkok . Do check out my post over [here].I also completed the Ultimate Tuaran Guide for Top 8 Places You Must Visit in Tuaran and Top 12 Tuaran Food You Must Try post. 

Working on personal project takes huge amount of determination and motivation and people like me tend to slack and delay stuffs but thank God i finish things up and more projects will be coming up soon! Learn so much things experience countless failures along the journey and i believe there will be more to come. *chest up

Anyway i just want to wish all my readers Selamat Hari Raya regarding any race or religion you are. We are now living in the most exciting moment in our nation. Oh you know our government and stuff like the ACT 114A. 

Not sure what is ACT 114A? Perhaps this would help

Back to our feast during Ramadhan Bazzar at Asia City. It was just another random hanging with blogger friends and initially we were talking about let's not stuff ourself with all the food but we were wrong. We ended up buying so many food that we almost puke at the end of everything. When i was in Tuaran i always visit Ramadhan Bazzar at least 4 times a week to buy dinner home. :D 

It was really awful of us feasting way before others buka puasa. I admired them to  be able to hold their appetite for the entire day despite all the great food temptation. If i were to do it i would give up and wouldn't even lasted for half a day. 

Calista was so into kuihs and keropok and she brought tones of them and here she is holding a Kuih Batik. 

Sinful roti Jon full with butter, margarine, mayonnaise, minced meat and vegetables. 

Martabak! My favorite. :D 

Calista : What's that?! 
Me: Sotong!
Charlotte: What is the differences between this sotong and another one?
Me: That is the right and left sotong. Hahaha
Charlotte : =.= enough

I know it may sound pretty weird but We had a joke about left and right but it was on a chicken. During the last food review. We were serve two dishes of steam chicken and all of us were wondering what is the differences between this chicken and the other one. When Charlotte asked about it, immediately i told her this is right chicken and the left chicken. She actually took my answer and nodded her head for a few second and all of the sudden she look at me with the lame look. HAHA! Well, it was a random joke so we're stuck with it from now on whenever someone ask " what is the differences between this and that? "

I forgot what is the name to this food but it's like a flip pancake with nuts and sugar in it. 

Nasi bryiani RM8. Sweet bbq sauce all over the chicken is one of the best food you can find in Asia City Bazzar.  

Ikan pari Bakar, BBQ sting ray.

Sago kuih! ( also known as Frog egg kuih by Calista)

Well, Tom love it. 

Pancake? No idea because i was so busy eating till i forget to try on her food. 

First time seeing Soy Bean in Chocolate flavor. Taste great actually. 


I still couldn't figure why are they posing that way. 

Again I would love to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya and drive safe! play safe as well. Don't get me wrong he meant the fire cracker. As for the others that is enjoying the holiday, do eat tones of awesome Malay food and gain a few kg after Hari Raya. Hopefully i get to visit some open house during the festive season.

Hayden Chan 


  1. Ask Charlotte to upload the satay photo so you can find out why! ;p

  2. Wow, the table was full of food!

    Btw, that flip pancake is Apam Balik/Kuih Terang Bulan :)

    1. yes indeed! my stomach almost explode that day. Thanks for the kuih name! shall change it soon :D selamat hari raya!