Monday, August 13, 2012

Tong Pak Fu 糖伯府 the award winning Dessert from HK

I always go for snowflakes or Gong Cha whenever i'm in KL but this time my friend decided to dine at the newly open Tong Pak Fu at Empire mall and Setia Mall. It almost became a dessert marathon with all the delicious desserts galore around when we were there. Unfortunately they were out of mango snow ice supply when we were there.

Both of the dessert shops have good atmosphere and the one in Empire mall is always full house and Setia Citymall need to line up during the weekend! Good think we didn't have to line up. Base on my dining experience, we had a bit of hard time communicating with the waiters over there because they couldn't understand and speak English very well. However that didn't get on our way to indulge in some of their heavenly dessert. 

Brownies with vanilla ice cream RM10.80

Warm hot brownies with vanilla ice cream is the epitome of pleasure and taste. Scooping up a little bit of ice cream and brownies and have it all in together into the mouth is one of the splendid sensation i can get in Tong Pak Fu. I believe it could easily cure anyone's bad day. 
Durian Snow ice RM11.80

The Durian snow ice is really soft and it melts away instantly in mouth and the taste of Durian is fine, but the side dessert jelly, grass jelly and taro ball are not as good as i thought and they couldn't really seem to match up with the Durian snow ice taste. But it still a good dessert to try if you're a durian lover. 

Mango with sago and pamelo RM10.80
Anything with mango in it will be in my choice of dessert. Nothing is more perfect than having concentrated mango smoothie-like with mango ice cream after a long walk in the mall. 

Mango Napolean RM10.80

Crispy thin crust with mango fruits and mango cream. Mango heaven! I didn't share with my friend and i drop my principle of sharing is caring that day. This dessert is too good to be shared around and it tasted better having it all to myself. :D Well of course eventually i share it out because i had to make way for other food. 

Flower Tea Rm1.00 (Add on)

Flower tea was an add on i guess. I couldn't recall why we had this but it doesn't suit my taste bud.

Empire Shopping Gallery,
Lot LG 05, Jalan SS16/1
47500, Subang Jaya

 Lot 7, Setia Citymall.
No : 03 - 3358 3985

Overall, the dessert over there is delicious and i will definitely dine in there again each time i'm in KL. The price wise is just like any other dessert store around there. 

Hayden Chan


  1. If you notice carefully, it is tang bai fu in mandarin, instead of tang bo fu(in your title) There is another dessert chain called tang bo fu in penang, i believe it has nothing to do with this tang bai fu.

    1. greetings unknown. i'm glad you pin point the confusion there but i believe because this dessert store is from Hong Kong there fore the english chinese spelling goes with the Cantonese voice. I double check with the menu picture taken and they wrote Tong Pak Fu as well. so i guess best not to change their name of the company. It would be faulty for me if the company itself question why i change their name even though they stated out clearly is Tong Pak Fu. Finally, I did clearly statement the dessert store is from Hongkong but ultimately i apologize for the confusion given to you. Cheers!