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All The Things You Need To Do Before You Graduate From UMS

Over the years i have come across students and friends that finish their studies and went back to their hometown with regrets of not visiting to different places in Sabah. When i asked them "Did you go to Kundasang?" Their reply "AIYA! No o! Wasted already la, stay in kk for 4 years and i didn't even make it to Kundasang". That is a terrible lost for anyone who has stayed here but had not explore Sabah.

This general guide is aim to help students in UMS that are clueless or perhaps want to do a check list on things they have done so far in Sabah. It could also be a checklist for the local Sabahan to make sure what are the things they have done so far. 

1.Conquer the Mount Kinabalu

Mt Kinabalu (4095m) is the tallest mountain in South-East Asia and is situated in the Kinabalu National Park in the province of Sabah in Malaysian Borneo. It takes just two days and climbers don't need any previous experience at mountain climbing. At sunrise, the views from the Mt Kinabalu's summit at Low's Peak are spectacular and breath taking, making all the effort worthwhile. [Source and information]

I'm not sure which climbing package is the best but i found this tour company that provide reasonable rates. [Amazing Borneo Tour Mt Kinabalu Package] However i do recomend you to scout and compare around between companies in KK. Their information are easily available in the internet.

2. Try Discovery diving or get a diving licence

Sabah's island are blessed with some of the most beautiful reef you can find around the world. If you're a daring enough you can try on their Discovery diving which is a one day program where you get to experience dive up to 12 meters deep. Check out Calista a friend of mine that recently got her open diving licence. Here is one of the diving company that provides discovery dive package rates in KK. [Dive Down Below]

3. Snorkeling at KK Islands

Snorkeling in KK islands is a must do thing. You may rent the equipment at RM15 at Jesselton port before you depart to the island. It's relatively safe to snorkel at the islands because they provide a safe zone for snorkelers so you can snorkel without any worries.

4. White water rafting at Padas river

Adrenaline junkies! This is one of the must try activities in Sabah before you graduate. Water rafting at Padas river could be extremely challenging during rainy season and the Excursion Class is 3 - 5. Meaning to say 5 is extremely epic fun  tough. Padas river is located at Tenom and for more information check this website out at Journey Malaysia

5. Rock Climbing at Likas Stadium

Rock climbing is a new sport in KK and it has been here since 2010. It's located  near Likas Stadium next to the skate park. Guys if you want to impress your girls, this will be the best place for you to exhibit your strength and manliness. I have been climbing on and off these day and it isn't hard to climb. I was afraid of height but i got use to it already and i felt awesome each time i finish a particular route. The satisfaction feeling are priceless. Fees and opening hour information are available [here]
[Sabah indoor climbing centre website]

6. Paragliding

As far as i know there are three places for paragliding. Kokol hill at Inanam, Ruhiang Hill at Tamaparuli and Lohan at Kundasang.[Source] I'm going to do paragliding by the end of the year so i will update this list and share my personal experience about it, that is if i'm still alive. You can get more information at their facebook profile.

7. Paintball shootout at KK Suria[closed] or Likas

Have a score to settle with your coursemate or perhaps you had some disagreement with someone? Well step right out to the paintball shootout at KK Suria 8th floor. Located just outside of the Amp Square Karaoke Paintball KK suria is an indoor court. They provide two kinds of bullet. Rubber ball and Paint ball. Both are equally good to inflict pain and make you scream out loud. [Information]

8. Enjoy the romantic Sunset
There are numerous places in KK to enjoy the beautiful sunset. Tanjung Aru first beach, Tanjung Aru Sunset Bar, Sutera Habour, Jesselton port, Waterfront KK and much more. Here is my Tanjung Aru Sunset bar post.

9. View the sunrise
This is probably the one thing i wouldn't be able to do. Waking up before the sunrise and drive all the way to Bukit Padang and climb the hill to view the sunrise.

10. Freezing bath at Kiansom Waterfall
Kiansom waterfall one of the nearest waterfall in KK and it is located 15 minutes away from Inanam town.  It's perfect for a fast get away from hectic life and you can enjoy the nature with [my trip to Kiansom waterfall]

11. Spend a night at Kundasang or Mesilau
Plan a 3 days 2 night trip to Kundasang or Mesilau and experience the cold weather there. It felt like a different world up there because the temperature in KK is always hot but over there it's cooling. I love the breeze and cold air over there. I don't mind chilling there for a week with the right group of friends or someone special. Seeking for a place to stay ? I would recommend you to Philip Chalet. It is located just beneath the Mount KK and the temperature at night can go as low as 20 Celsius. [Beautifulkk.com]  

12. Stay over night with a group of friends in a 5 stars resort.
5 stars resort in Sabah are beautiful and luxurious. Group up your friends and pamper yourself to the finest experience in some of the resort and get treated like a King. Some of the 5 stars resort that i would recommended are Rasa Ria Shangrila resort and Nexus Karambunai because they are far away from town and makes you feel isolated from all the stress you had in campus. Sharing the room with a group of friends would make it affordable and the time spend together will be enjoyable as well. It's an experience you must try while you're still here. 

13. Star gazing at Kudat/Kundasang
Generally the stars in KK are clearly visible at night but star gazing at Kudat or Kundasang is another experience. Look in to the sky at night with all the billions and trillions of stars makes you feel like you're not alone in the universe. If you're lucky enough you can even spot shooting stars which i did when i was at Kundasang. I spotted 3 shooting stars in a night! [Here] is the picture i took that night.

14. Hot warm bath at Poring Hot Spring Ranau
Sabah famous tourism spot and you must at least be there before you graduate. Nice warm bath is the best way to release your stress after long week of battle with assignment and midterm exam. You can make it a day trip if you want but you may need to plan at least few days ahead. [Poring Hot Spring]

15. Witness the milking session at Desa Cow Farm
Desa cow farm is one of our local cow farm. It's located on the way up to Mesilau with beautiful scenery that resemble New Zealand. The weather there is cool and the wind is always breezing. Ocassionally you will be able to see bridal couples having their photography shooting over there. They produce chocolate and milk flavor with two different size. The milking session take place at 9am and 3pm *if i'm not mistaken. For more information please refer to [Desa Cow Farm Page].

16. Visit Kasih Sayang Resort.
If  you need a fast and sweet escape from your hectic life but you don't want to drive all the way up to Kundasang, Kasih Sayang Resort will be the next best place to be. It's about 40 minutes away from KK and it's temperature is cooling over there. The view from Kasih Sayang Resort is spectacular. You can see the entire KK city. You can always opt to stay a night or have a dinner or lunch over there or maybe even just a day trip. [Kasih Sayang Resort Website]

17. Stay a night in Mabul island, Tawau.
Going to Mabul island required advance planning. You can either take a flight or bus to Tawau and take another bus ride to Semporna. Then only you take the 1 hour boat ride to Mabul Island. Mabul island is one of the most beautiful island in Sabah besides Sipadan. 

18. Fireflies river cruise at Klias. 
I have been through the river cruise and i have seen a lot of wildlife that i normally seen in National Geography. Over at Klias you will be expecting Proboscis monkey, Horn bills bird, macaque monkey, fresh water crocodile and many more. However i wasn't able to stay until night for the fireflies viewing. It will be awesome if i can do it again in near future. This is one of the tour agency information on the Fireflies river cruises Klias tour. 

19.Visit the Lok Kawi Zoo.
Lok Kawi Zoo is home to hundred over different kind of wildlife species and it is 25km away from KK city. 
It will take half a day to finish touring around and remember to bring water to keep yourself hydrated. You will be seeing local animals like Orang utan, Proboscis monkey and etc. Lok Kawi Wildlife park website. 

20. Visit the Tip of Borneo.
Tip of Borneo is located at Kudat and every year there will  be a sunset orchestra which is pretty stunning and epic. If the time is right you should plan your trip to tip of Borneo during the Sunset Orchestra take place. A day trip to Kudat could seems impossible and might be tiring so it's best to stay over night at the local hotel over there.

21. Free fish spa at Kipungit Waterfall, Ranau Hot spring and Sungai Moroli, Kampung Luanti.
Kepungit Waterfall is located inside Hot Spring Ranau. It takes about 15 minutes hike into rainforest with clear route and best of all the fish spa is free. [Kipungit waterfall post] The fishes at Sungai Moroli are as huge as Koi Fish. It's located after Sabah Tea factory. This is the video i made few years ago when i was there. [Video]

22. Visit the ever fragrance Sabah Tea Factory
Ever wonder how tea were process? Stop by at Sabah Tea Factory when you're on your way to Poring hot spring and you will be able to experience the tea making session at Sabah tea factory. Here is Sabahtea's website and details on Sabah tea from Sabah Tourism. There is actually more tea flavor than expected from those that are selling in local market store. You can have your lunch over there while enjoying the green hills of tea plantation. 

23. Go on and challenge yourself for the highest Canopy walk
Guys here is your moment to show off how manly you're again. Take a girl or gf to the highest canopy walk in Sabah which is located at Poring Hot spring. It required lots of climbing up stairs and walking through tight canopy. It's open daily from 8am - 4pm. Malaysian RM3 and none Malaysian RM5. There is extra charges for camera. [Canopy walk]

24. Buy cheap, fresh and beautiful roses for your love one from Kundasang market.
Why waste all the money on expensive roses in KK city area when you get RM3 for one huge and beautiful rose at Kundasang? There is a roses farm located after War Memorial but you can also buy it at Kundasang road side market. 

25. Finish up Ahbing 43 food must try and mine too!
If you're a food love you will take your time and hunt down the food one by one in Ahbing 43 KK food must not miss and top 15 best food at KK. You can also try my Top 12 Tuaran food must try. I believe you will be having fun trying different food and wouldn't be having any problem finding them because map are provided in all the post. 

26. Visit the upside down house.
Upside down house caught everyone attention from around the globe because it is the first one in south east asia and it's in Sabah! Tourist travel from China, Korea and other places come here just to see the upside down house and if would be a waste if you don't make it there before you graduate. Their [facebook page] and my review on Upside Down House.

27. Pay a visit to the war memorial park at Kundasang
During the world war two, thousand over British and Australia soldier fought on our mother land to protect us from the Japanese invasion and now what left is the war memorial to remember the brave one. It looks like an army fort and may seem like nothing much from outside but inside the garden are beautiful and themed with different nation interior design. The Memorial is made up of four beautiful gardens - the Australian Garden, the English Garden, the Borneo Garden and the Contemplation Garden and Pool - to represent the different nationalities. [Information]

28. Witness the world biggest Rafflesia flower blossom or at least have a look at it once.
Now this particular to do list is a little bit tricky because it's not easy to track down a Rafflesia. I did saw some sign before at Kundasang National Park and Ranau Poring area but we need to do some hiking so i turn it down. But you can always visit the Rafflesia information centre at Tambunan where visitor can hike into the jungle and try to spot Rafflesia flowers along the way. 

29. Visit the free tax island Labuan for Chocolate and Alcohol.
The land of free tax chocolate and alcohol is like heaven for chocolate lover and alcoholic  . It can be a day trip or a 2 days 1 night trip. Over there the beer is almost the same price with carbonated drinks. You can reach there by express ferry from Jesselton port KK. [Fares and schedule information]

30. At least try once to party in KK Clubs/bars.
Basically most of the clubs and bars in KK music are from live band and some of them can really sing well. Most of the song they sing are hitz and club song which is pretty impressive and would put on the hype to the clubs. What are the recommended clubs in town? Well, for beginners you should start with Chocolate factory, Firefly, White room, The Bed and Shenanigan. Here is the list of bars and club reviews in Sabahbah.com. 

31. Pay a visit to UMS underworld Aquarium.
The school of marine is located hidden and isolated from other schools but they hold the most beautiful museum in UMS. Their Underworld Aquarium museum is open to public and free for students. The sea creature in there are magnificent and there is a turtle swimming around in the tank. Information from Sabah tourism and review from my personal trip

32. Ride on the oldest train in Borneo (North Borneo Railway)
Taking on the North Borneo Railway could be a little pricey but it is a once in a life time experience. However there is an alternative to experience train riding in Sabah. An award winning travel blog wrote about North Borneo Railway; The longest way to home website. The writer talks about how he felt and what he experience during his train ride. I believe it's something that everyone should experience when they are here in Sabah. 

So there you go! 32 Things you need to do before you graduate from UMS. I took few days to compile and write up everything so please share it with your friends and perhaps you can plan something out during the weekend or mid semester break. If you're just 1st and 2nd year in UMS, you have plenty of time to finish it all but if you're in 3rd or 4th year, you need to gear up and try to complete them all. 

Do you want more things to do? I can do part two if the respond is good enough. Email me at chanqingsheng@hotmail.com
Hayden Chan 


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