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Santola Bar Cafe One of The Best Place to Chill in KK | Kelombong

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I have been wanting to check out Santola Bar Cafe ever since i read Ahbing post  and Mei Tzeu post about it. They talked about how beautiful the coffee art is and how fragrance the roasted Tenom coffee is over there in the post. However what caught my attention is after seeing Wendy Wong posted out this amazing picture of Affogato Vanilla ice cream with espresso shoot. Since it was the last day of my holiday decided to enjoy and chill at Santola Bar Cafe to try their awesome ice cream.  

Santola Bar Cafe is very well hidden from the plain sight of the public and even if you pass by the road each day you'll still not be able to notice there is a cafe over there. With this picture above i'm sure it will  help you to identify how does the factory look like and hopefully it can guide you there. 

We were dazzled by the generous amount of ice cream scoop given and pouring down the espresso shot down the ice cream made my mouth watery instantly. Let it be a bad day or a good day this baby over here will make you smile and cheer your mood up. The combination of sweet vanilla ice cream and bitter espresso resemble the taste of coffee latte which give you the perfect combination ever exist in mankind.  

The price for this luxurious looking ice cream is RM 5++ for Members  and RM7++ for Non member. Not too shabby right? 

Triple C, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate chips

Moving on to the almighty Triple C that will blow your mind away. Where to start? First, pour down a little chocolate sauce on to the ice cream slowly and watch the thick, viscous and shinny chocolate sauce cover all over the ice cream. Second, repeat the 1st step until you finish the entire ice cream. Just that easy. It might be too sweet for some but ultimately the rich chocolate flavor that is instilled will give an orgasm like sensation to anyone that love chocolate. *If you're reading this post during their opening hour please make a move over there and try it out.

The price is roughly the same as the previous vanilla ice cream.

They also served light snacks and other light food such as chicken/beef pie, nasi lemak and etc. You can also order drinks such as teh tarik, coffee latte and etc. I'm going to dine in more often now and then because i  have just registered myself as a member.  If you think you're going to visit Santola bar cafe more often, you might want to register yourself  as a Member for RM20 annually.

Santola bar cafe is open from Monday  to Saturday 8am - 6pm, and on Sunday it's 12 - 4pm. It's another alternative choice of place for you to chill other than Starbucks and Coffee Bean. The environment is different  from other cafe in town and  the coffee beans they used are freshly roasted from the factory.

Opening hour: Monday - Saturday 8am - 6pm, Sunday 12pm - 4pm
Contact:6088 428 468 or +6010 931 6733 (Booking or Order) 
29, Jalan Kilang, SEDCO Industrial Estate, 88816 Kota Kinabalu

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