Sunday, October 21, 2012

Epic Burger Time at KK Burger Bakar Tanjung Aru Plaza Food Court

Where is KK Burger Bakar?

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 Burger Bakar store is located at the open air food court beside Tanjung Aru Plaza. Any inquiries on their opening hour or menu price just click open their KK Burger Bakar Facebook page and post it in their wall. They will respond immediately. 

 Kk burger bakar has been receiving numerous positive comments ever since their store started to operate. One of the main reason KK Burger bakar drawn my attention is how thick and juicy the burger patties are. I tried to resist and plan to go during my midterm sem break on Nov but after seeing all the delicious burgers picture posted in fb page i have decided to make it there by hook or by crook.

 Of course it wouldn't be nice to enjoy the best food in town all myself so I summoned some of my guys course mate and immediately they got hooked by the sinful burger picture i showed them. 

The best seller Burger Lava Gunung Kinabalu was on my top list when I arrived. RM 20 for these 2 level patties and you may go for a combination of beefs and chicken. However, I would recommend you to go for all chicken patties because the beef patties I had isn’t as good as I expected it to be. Cheese and bacon can be added with extra charges Rm1 each. Would it be too big for a person? I would say nay because I can finish it up and still felt i can go for another one. So don’t be afraid that you can’t finish it up. How do you eat on this huge burger? Throw away the spoon and fork and use your bare hand! I used my bare hand and feast like a beast. :D My mouth was cover with all the tasty sauce and good thing nobody feast on me. :S 

Chicken burger is perfect for girls and its RM8 and addition of cheese and bacon would cost you extra rm2. Let me know what do you think about the burgers down below the comment section. Share it to your friends too! thanks!              

Hayden Chan

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