Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sailor Cafe Birthday Dinner and Updates

Weekdays can be as busy as hell while during the weekend i will be busy preparing for next week and the vicious cycle goes on and on. Couldn't even sit down to write my next post and most of the posts are drafted in my handphone when i'm in university. BUT! Now that i have finished one of my midterm papers i had the inspiration to write again. :D

Let's talk about the hiatus of me. This year i decided to join a community service during my birthday week because there is nothing more satisfying than helping the needy. Even with the busy semester life it's always good to contribute back to the community. Skyline community medical trip to Dandum Village was amazing and I'm still doing my best to rearrange the post and edit videos too, so i could share all the amazing stories to everyone of you here. Maybe you could even join our team some day!

Look! I looked professional when i'm serious >>

Earlier of the month i turned 23 and i celebrated it with my friends and family. I had 3 separated dinners this year, one with family, and lastly with epic kepo sampat friends. We gathered around at a friend's house and they did a potluck dinner. Initially, they didn't want to tell me what was it about but i sort of figured it out before the dinner starts. Thank you guys for the great dinner and surprise cake.

Sailor Cafe Birthday Dinner

Lot 36 1st Floor Plaza Grand Millennium, Penampang Bypass, 88300 Kota Kinabalu
+6088 731960, + 0128434645 + 6016 5862276 +0165858410

The restaurant was beautifully decorated with all sorts of marine sailor items and the atmosphere was romantic. The staffs are friendly and efficient and the brown dessert tasted great! Definitely going back there again.

Pan Seared Fillet of Fish RM16

Fresh Tuna Steak RM16

Both of the seafood tasted fresh and juicy, especially the Pan Seared Fillet of Fish. On the other hand, Fresh Tuna tasted delicious too. I like how they serve it along with local vegetable and rice. A well balance meal to me with protein, carbs and fat. 

Chocolate Brownies RM11

The warm moist chocolate brownies is best eat while it's hot and combine it with ice cream you will be in cloud 9. Rich chocolate brownies a must try dessert at Sailor Cafe!

Apple Crumbles RM11

Sour sweet caramelize apple covered with crumbles tasted heavenly with ice cream. Up to now i strongly believe dessert with ice cream will be good for me. :D However i do prefer the chocolate brownies.

Thank you guys for the surprise cake and dinner! I wasn't expecting any of this. Turning 23 brought me one step closer to my goals. Fyi, i felt really old among my coursemate because majority of them are 90s and i'm one of the handful of 89s. I hope i will  be able to overcome future challenges with faith and realizing my dreams. As for my readers i want to thank everyone for your support from the beginning. Without you guys, i wouldn't be where i am at now. I 'll continue to work harder to reach my goals and inspire others through my blog. Lastly, thank you for the one that is always be there for me. God bless everyone - Hayden Chan

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