Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Body Transformation from Skinny to Meaty

Height 184cm

Weight: 77kg (Goal weight: 81kg)

Body fat: 17% (Goal body fat: 9%)

Body Type: Ectomorph. Read more about your body type at Muscle and Strength "what types of body are you?"

When did i start?

I started gym when i was 18. I’m now 23.

What ignite my spirit to get fit?

Who to be exact. One of my form 5 classmates brought me to the gym but things didn’t turn out right and i end up got tease and laugh for not being able to bench press an empty barbell which weight 20kg. Yes i was that weak to begin with.

When did i get serious?

I wasn’t serious until i was 21 years old. Even though i have been working out for 2 years but i didn’t do my research on diet intake, follow any workout programs and other miscellaneous stuffs.

How to i keep my motivation up?

There are no constant motivated momentums in my years of working out. I do get depressed occasionally by a lot of things around me but when i need some motivation i will always seek videos speech in youtube.

Six Secrets to Success Speech byArnold schwarzenegger 

Eric Thomas, aka The Hip Hop Preacher. Pain is temporary 

Eric Thomas, aka The Hip Hop Preacher. "The Truth", of Eric Thomas' "Secrets to Success" 

Shorter version of How bad do you want it (success).


Flower couch speech on a group of football players before the game.

Where are my main sources of reference?
I followed most of the workout program at and switch every 2 to 3 months and help greatly on my understand on building bigger calves. I always suggest girls to read up fitness writer Fay Hokulani at because she writes about her workout routine and result. 

Do i consumed protein powder?
Definitely no because of my personal health problem i couldn't consumed protein powder and that explain why i take such a long time to grow muscle. However i do take omega 6 fish oil pills and vitamin B complex 3 times a week. 

Personal experience sharing.

I didn’t start out with bulky body or god gifted natural muscle gainer body. I started out from zero and when i first started to workout, everybody thought it would be another fail project but I was determined to prove to everyone. 

It was a terrible experience for the first 4 months because i'm not use to waking up with whole body muscle pain. I often skipped gym session especially during the rainy days and right after i woke up from nap. I almost gave up and stop everything. It was harder than i think.But as time passes by, the forceful practice of me going to gym became a habit and soon grew into a need. 

Once you surpassed the first 4 – 6 months of hard work, the passion will snowball and continue to roll and there is no way of stopping it. These days, i would be in the gym 4 – 5 times a week even though i’m busy.

I always believed in hard work and when someone told me its genetic problem i will work harder and prove them wrong. I have come from a long way to where am i now. I started gym when I was 18 and nobody believe in me back then except me, and look at me now at the age of 23. I should be thankful for the provocation from my friend because if it wasn't you i would will be still skinny.

Genetics may have given me a thin skinny body but i never once believe in it. To me, nothing is impossible. I once complained of small calves and everybody told me it's genetics but i manage to build some calves and the work is still in progress. Your determination is what shapes you, not your gene. Stop complaining and start working out now. As for me, there won’t be time to rest or enjoy. I will continue to work hard and achieve my goal.

What next?

Larger shoulder, back, thighs and calves. More defined biceps, triceps chest and abs. lower body fat!

Brief advises.

Either it is losing weight, gain weight or muscle building requires a combination of healthy lifestyle (no smoking, no alcohol), strict healthy balance diet, sufficient sleep, and regular exercise.

If i can do it you can do it tooHayden Chan

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