Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First time dining at Ang's Hotel Restaurant after N-years

Ang's Hotel is located directly opposite Wisma Merdaka and clearly visible from the main road. The best time to visit is before 6.30pm and after 8pm. However always be ready to wait. They do open in the morning but only serve ready to eat economy rice. 

Honey Chicken Wings

The recommended dishes by me are Honey Chicken Wings and Fried Pork. The price of the dish depends on the per person serving size.  The honey chicken wings were splendid and i can really smell fragrance sauce when it first arrived on table. *Drooling!

Fried Pork
At first i thought it would be like having a dried pork meat inside because it is fried but i was wrong. Don't be fool by the crispy layer of the meat because inside it's all tender and juicy meat.

So that's the two simple reviews on my recommended food and here is what happen that night. It has been a while since i last post anything here. Mainly because i'm currently busy with midterm and assignments. Friends around me start to give me the eyebrow rising looking and question me "are you that busy Chan?" Well, needless to say I believe my business is beyond description and it's would be awesome if you can live my life for a week or two.

Anyway, finally i manage to try Ang's Hotel  after so many years of passing by there. I know Ang's hotel it's a really famous hotel and even my coursemate from Semenanjung tried it before and by now there are gazillion reviews about that restaurant, but hey! it's never too late to share good food. ;)

It was my second time to dine in at Ang's hotel and their food is delicious. They served only chinese delicacy food. The restaurant is constantly having full house and most of the customers have to wait at least 15 - 20 minutes but we were lucky that night to get it in less than 10 minutes. Joining us that night was my KL blogger friends Henry Lee and Choul Yin which were having their short vacation here in KK. *will update their review soon

Will I dine in there again? You bet i would. This is now my routine eat out place whenever i feel like having some Chinese food.

Where is Ang's Hotel?

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Hayden chan

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