Friday, November 30, 2012

Lucy's Kitchen at 88 Market Place Kota Kinabalu Sabah

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Lot 10, Ground Floor,
 Block H, Lorong Pusat Komersil 88/1,
88 Marketplace, off Jalan Pintas, 88300,
 Penampang, Kota Kinabalu,, Sabah

Lucy's Kitchen Contact No: 088-259866

Looks like someone is celebrating Christmas way earlier than i thought. Christmas is exactly a month away and it seems like  Lucy's kitchen is having it now. Good thing I'm actually pretty excited about Christmas and my visit to Lucy made me feel like it's Christmas already. Lucy's Kitchen is located at 88 Market Place Kota Kinabalu which is a new township located after Lido.

Lucy's kitchen

They serve various kind of western food and asian food. Not to forget the "delicious awesome durian pancake dessert that will make you forget your girlfriend number", said the manager to me. So did it manage to do that? No. I didn't forget the girlfriend number after having Durian pancake but would try any alternative dessert if there is any in KK. :/ Just kidding. ;) It's a great dessert still. 

The dinner started with Grilled Chicken RM 15.90, followed by Salmon Steak RM 25.90 and lastly two desserts which are Durian Pancake RM8.90  "the dessert that will make you forget" and Longan Jelly RM3.90

Grilled chicken Lucy's Kitchen
Grilled Chicken RM 15.90

Well, there is no doubt the this was one of the most delicious grilled chicken i ever tried before. I could smell the strong aroma of marinated black pepper sauce when it was served to me and it's splendid.  However the chicken meat was surprisingly thin and i wasn't satisfy with the portion and value of it. 

Grilled Salmon Steak
Salmon Steak RM 25.90
Salmon steak is definitely better than grilled chicken and it could be the best salmon steak i ever tried. The juiciness and smooth meat texture made me finish up the salmon within few minutes. Describable. This will be my recommended dish from Lucy's Kitchen, enough said.

Longan Pudding
 Longan Jelly RM3.90

Durian Pancake
Durian Pancake RM8.90

The Durian Pancake concentrated flavored cream filling with Durian pulp was heavenly delicious. However they could have serve better portion or size of the durian pancake because RM8.90 for 3 small pancake isn't  worth it. Never the less, it's still something you should try when you're there and with this i conclude my review on Lucy's Kitchen. 

Would i return there again? Definitely because the service is fast and the waiters are friendly.

Hayden Chan

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