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Skyline Community Medical Camp at Dandum Village

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My first medical camp location.

I never expect the journey to Dandum village was tough and rugged.. Dandum village is located 1.5 hours away from Pitas, Kota Marudu and 3 hours away from KK city. I found the village in google map. click Sat and zoom into the pin to take a look at Dandum village. It is beside the river and the road to Dandum Village is very rugged and bumpy. I almost puke along the way because i had a full lunch before heading in to the village.

Who are the organization that started this?

Sky Community.  Skyline SIB church is located at Sutera Habour and they started their church in 2001. Currently they are doing projects in different interior areas of Sabah such as Skyline community, Dandum village, Timbua and many more. 

So what are we doing in there? 

First, we provided medical checkup such as dental service, general health checking, and eye checking to the villagers. We also provided health nutrition status checking and nutrition consultation for the villagers. Second, we located and identified new water source so we could  build a new water gravity system for the community.

Both of these missions are vital because the interior villages do not get access to medical attention as frequent as the one that are staying at Pitas town. Besides having lack of medical attention they are also facing lack of clean water supplies during the dry season. However from my observation they had water problem even there was rain four days ago. therefore it's important to build a new gravity water system for them

Problems in Dandum Village

Dental carries
High Blood Pressure
Eye problem
Eye problem 
General Health Problem - Fever, Headache, Diarrhea and etc.
Lack of water supplies

Majority of the villagers are malnourished and most of them are children below the age of 12. It's really sad to see some of the children physical body are thin. Children below the age of 12 required the best nutrient in their growth stage to prevent stunted or wasted growth but with the poor financial family background there is nothing much they can do about it. 

Most of the children are malnourished.However there are certain cases where we found out some of the adults are overweight and high blood pressure. This might due to the dietary habits of alcohol consumption, process food such instant noodles and lifestyle habits; smoking.  

Constant water shortage problem during drought season in Sabah. 

We brought in different teams to Dandum Village

The medical doctors team

The pharmacist team 

The dentist team

The dental health care in Dandum village is low. Most of the villagers come in with severe complain of toothache. There was one of the villagers even asked to extract all the teeth so she don't need to suffer any future pain because dentist clinic is really far in town. There were no crying out loud kids but only shed some tears. 

The dietitian team

I was helping around calculating BMI for adults and children. The children were amazed how tall i am and couldn't stop staring at me as if i'm some kind of alien there. Despite being starred all the time, they were really friendly and smile brightly when I wave to them. It's really heart melting to see their smile even though they were living in poverty. 

After joining this medical camp there are two things i wouldn't complain anymore. First, speed bumps. Second, water. The mud road to Dandum village from pitas town is amazingly roughed and rugged. Sitting in the car made me felt like puking. BUT! i will definitely return again and help the villagers there.

Next post will be about my Sikuati Medical Health talk in BM!

Hayden Chan

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