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Exotic food BBQ Wild Boar Meat "Sinalau Bakas" at Kundasang, Kampung Bongol

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Do click the icon for more description of the location. I tried to identify the exact location in google map and i marked down two icons. The red pin is where Simpang Kota Belud is and the spoon and fork sign is where the Sinalau Bakas stall is. 

Location description - It’s located approximately 1300 meters after Simpang Kota Belud signboard on the way to Kundasang. You will notice there are few stalls setting huge banner of Sinalau Bakas along the way. The one I stopped by is located right beside the corner road.

Tips - Drive slowly after you pass Simpang Kota Belud and pay attention to the roadside banner.

Price - BBQ 1KG: RM18 / half KG: RM9 *Price may change

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This is how the stall looks like from the side of the road. Maybe you can stop by to get the smoked sinalau bakas and bbq it for dinner in any chalets that provide bbq service.

Sinalau Bakas

It was a misty weather with a little dizzing that day and i was hesitated to stop by but thank goodness we made the right choice and discover one of the best food in Sabah have to offer. Sinalau means BBQ and Bakas means wild boar, so you got Sinalau Bakas which means BBQ wild boar meat. It’s a traditional food for one of the Sabah ethnics namely Dusun.

Sinalau Bakas

How does it taste like? It tastes similar to char siew but way juicier and tender than char siew. To add into description on how juice it was, I can literary see the meat juice squirting out when the meat was slice into piece. The sinalau bakas texture is closely resemble lamb chop or maybe slightly harder. It’s like a combination of pork and lamb in one meat. Perfect. 

Sinalau Bakas

Half KG of Sinalau Bakas is enough for two people and if you wish to order a take away, it's best to get the smoked ones so you can cook it at home or BBQ it in any kundasang chalets that provides bbq. How do you prep it for bbq? You can marinated with sugar and soy sauce and it's ready for BBQ.

Sinalau Bakas

Sinalau Bakas

Sinalau Bakas

Next time i will be trying Sinalau Bakas Soup when i pass by that area again. Anyone that come to Sabah should definitely try this food. Lastly, be sure to consume in moderate as it may be high in cholesterol. Stay healthy and fit!

Hayden Chan

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