Friday, February 8, 2013

Heart Healthy Sandwich from Marry Me Sandowichi at Gaya Street KK

Hey guys! Thanks to a local magazine Delicious Sabah, I managed to eat this new wonderful whole hearty sandwich in town last year but I forgotten to post it up here. However, I believe the business is doing great because they added a big signboard in front of the shop. 

Facebook page: Marry Me Sandowichi!
Location: on the same shop lot as Bata shoe shop in Gaya street.
Contact Number 012-  218 0410

Crispy pork sandwich RM7.00 + RM 1 cheese

Pull Pork sandwich RM7.00 + RM 1 cheese

I love both of the sandwiches a lot. It's generously filled with meat, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes slices. On top of that, the food is worth the price. My favorite sandwich would be the Teriyaki chicken sandwich. Marinated in teriyaki sauce and pan grilled in virgin olive oil, the juicy chicken meat squirting juice on first bite is definitely the best and healthiest sandwiches in town. 

The owner is really friendly and down to earth guy. He plays keyboard when he is free in the stall to entertain his customer. I got his video here and hopefully to upload it as soon as possible. So wait no more! and check out the healthiest sandwich in town. 

Hayden Chan

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