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Places for Awesome Sunset View in Kota Kinabalu

The beauty of Sunset in Kota Kinabalu

One of the views that you must not miss in Kota Kinabalu is the sunset. KK city is one of the luckiest cities in Malaysia because it’s located just right beside the sea and strategically facing the west side. Beautiful sunset can be viewed along the long stretch of beach at different locations around KK under perfect weather.

Below i have listed down all the recommended places to catch the sunset view in KK. Feel free to click on the blue icon to view the sunset view pop out image.

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Filipino market waterfront area



Tanjung Aru Sunset Bar

"It is one of the places that i would highly recommend to couples to spend their romantic evening with sunset viewing here". Tanjung Aru Shangri-la Sunset bar

First Beach Tanjung Aru

First beach is located near Air Asia Terminal 2 airport and approximately 6km away from city center. You can take taxi over there but beware KK taxi drivers do not normally use meter so please bargain well before you step into the taxi.You can enjoy the breeze and amazing sunset view while having local delicacies from the food court. More information at

Sutera Habour Kota Kinabalu

Sutera habour is one of the best 5 star resorts that KK has to offer. It's free to enter and you do not need to be a guest to walk around the beach while enjoying the sunset. You can reach there by taxi too.



Signal Hill Observation tower Kota Kinabalu

Signal hill is located close to the center city. You can reach there by hiking through the stairs located beside Atkintson clock tower or grab a taxi. The entrance fee it's absolutely free. Atkintson clock tower map. 
KK Sunset

Jesselton Point 

Jesselton point sunset viewing is definitely one of the nearest sunset views you can reach easily in KK. Walk until the end of the port where you will find wooden chairs which look like the picture below. Nothing is more perfect than to enjoy the moment with ice cold drink where you can get at nearby stalls.

sunset at jesselton point, sabah

Sipitang Esplanade

At about 200km away from KK, Sipitang is located at south west part of Sabah and also the last district in Sabah before crossing over to the border of Sarawak. If you happen to make it to Sipitang this will be your place to view the sunset. 

Kasih Sayang Resort, Inanam, KK

Kasih Sayang Resort is no doubt one of the nearest and best escape from KK. It's really cooling up there because it's situated on a high hill area and it's perfect for stargazing. Staying there for a night could probably cost you around RM150 - RM250 or more depending on the season. [Kasih Sayang Resort]
Picture by Charmaine Ho

Personally, I love KK sunsets and growing up watching sunsets made me appreciate the beautiful view that KK has to offer to us. No sunsets in KK are the same and it comes with different types of color. So far i have seen purple sunset, golden sunset, orange sunset and also reddish pink sunset. It takes only few minutes until for the sun to be completely set and each view is spectacular. With that, I end this post and do share with your friends if you like KK city. Thanks!

Hayden Chan

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