Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Burgertory Cafe Subang Jaya SS15

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Address Burgertory
No:8A, 1st floor, SS15/4D
47500, Subang Jaya

03-5611 9991 
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Greetings my fellow readers! My time to blog has been limited due to internship and I'm now experiencing the real working life. It's pretty hectic and life on weekdays is lifeless. I missed how awesome is life during university. Living alone in KL is tough but thank God I still get to pamper myself with all the great food it has to offer here. 

Ever since I left Sabah, I have been craving for numbers of food and one of them is burger bakar at Tanjung Aru. You must try it because they served one of the best burger bakar you can find in Sabah. Over here it's hard to travel around and find great food because I have a car here but good thing Shannon brought me to a newly open burger store called Burgertory at Subang Jaya SS15 which is 10 minutes away from my place 

Burgertory Subang SS15

From my first impression the burger cafe express the theme of mechanic factory with classic custom made tables and chairs. I believe they combined burger and factory and became Burgertory.

Burgertory Subang SS15
Burgertory Classic Rm13

Burgertory Subang SS15
Burgertory Treasure Rm13 

Burgertory Subang SS15

How hungry am I that night? I finished up the first burger that promise to share and let Shannon have a taste on it. Unsatisfied with what I had and trying to redeem myself for having the entire burger to myself. I ordered the second burger and have Shannon try on it first before I consumed the burger with few bites. 

We had Burgertory Classic Rm13 and Burgertory Treasure Rm13 . What do I think about on both of the burgers? Well, for starters I like how polite and neat is the burger. The pork patties is well minced and well grilled.  I love how well cheese is melted on the patties and in Burgertory having the melted cheese on the patties in the mouth is dayuuuummmmmm. No words can describe.

The juice and flavor is all well preserve like any other good burger would be. Best of all, the huge cut french fries is crunchy and lovely. We also enjoyed our self with RM5 upgrades promotion with fries and unlimited drinks. 

Check out what Shannon have to say about Burgertory cafe
On my first visit, I wasn’t very hungry and the initial plan of taking a few bites from Hayden’s burger failed as he finished it within a minute or so and I didn’t even had the chance to taste it. So we ordered the second burger, Burgertory Classic, then the magic starts to evolves in my mouth.
Sounds like some magic have took on her mouth during the burger. 0.o  Anyway, The place serve pork, beef and chicken burgers. Be sure to drop by whenever you're in Subang SS15 area to try out their awesome burgers. 

Burgertory Subang SS15

Burgertory Subang SS15

Burgertory Subang SS15

Hayden Chan

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