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Awesome Road Trip to Melaka Full Write Up

Hey guys! It has really been a while since I last blog and I have been having great time travelling around and exploring new places. My latest road trip was to Melaka with a group of awesome friends and we stayed there for the weekend. In short, one weekend is not enough to try all the great food in Melaka.

Felix Inn

Melaka is a place of tranquil where it’s located near the sea and the traffic is slower compare to Selangor. One of the unique things about Melaka is that it offers you both great food and historical culture structures. The local authorities had made a great effort in preserving the local heritage and maintaining them as well. Our 2 day 1 night trip was packed and we get to stuffed tones of awesome food in us.

Melaka Jonker street

Melaka Jonker street

Melaka Jonker street

Melaka Jonker street

Melaka Jonker street

Here is my Melaka itinerary in brief
Accommodation: Felix Inn (15 mins from Jonker Street)

Felix Inn review -  Great free valet service to the customer and upon check-in you will be serve with chilled drinks. The room is comfortable and well equipped with traveling necessity. It's also strategically located between Mahkota Parade mall and Jonker street with a walk-able distant. It a first class hotel disguise as a budget hotel.
Address: 156 Jalan Merdeka 75000 Malacca
06-281 5511
Places we visited: 
Donald and Lily Restaurant
Capitol Satay Celup
Jonker Street Night Market
A Famosa Fort
Hard Rock Melaka

How to get to Melaka from KL Sentral
 KL Sentral – Bandar Tasik Selatan (BTS) Bus terminal (RM4.20)
 BTS Bus Terminal - Melaka Sentral (RM 12)

Total fee: RM16.20
Total Duration of Traveling: 2 hours

Upon arriving Melaka, you may either take cab to your hotel. Fortunately, we had friends to drive us around and I’m greatly thankful for the hospitality and tour around Melaka by Tommy.

Donald and Lily Restaurant (New Location)

Melaka Jonker street Address:
No 16 (Ground Floor), Jalan KSB 1,
Taman Kota Shahbandar,
75200 Melaka
Contact Number: 012-292 3157

Map : Map image click to enlarge

Donald and Lily Restaurant Facebook Page

Melaka Jonker street
Asam Fish (left), Ayam Redang (bottom right) & Ayam Bombay ( upper right)

We ordered 3 special dishes from the restaurant because we asked for recommendation from the waiter. The taste of the Asam sauce is very subtle, strong and it is appetizing as well. One taste of the Asam sauce will make you mouth watery and crave for more It’s definitely one of the best Asam Fish I ever try so far in my life.

Grand total RM80 and we split the bill with 5 people into RM16 each.  

Nadeje, Mahkota Parade Mall

Nadeje Melaka
Nadeje website 
Nadeje Facebook page
Location : Mahkota Parade Mall
* Facing outside of the mall, near Mc Donald

Melaka Jonker streetMajority says Nadeje serves great crepe cake and from the look at the queue line when we were there I was really excited to give all the crepe cakes a try. Unfortunately, let's be frank and get straight to the point, Food Foundry's crepe cake is twice as better than the one in Nadeje. I'm not saying that the crepe cake in Nadeje isn't good. It's good! but you got to try Food Foundry cause it will bring your definition of good crepe cake to the next level.

Check out my Food Foundry creke cake review post [here] Petaling Jaya. You must try Food Foundry crepe cake if you're a big fan of crepe cake lover. 

Melaka Jonker street
Green tea upper left, Rum and Raisin bottom left, Cheese bottom right, Original upper right.
Nadeje review - In brief the crepe cakes they serves are fine and fresh. Be ready to wait up in the line up to 30 minutes during peak hours or weekends. 

Grand total of 4 pieces of crepe cake is RM 38. Each crepe cake cost about RM 9 - 10

Capitol Satay Restaurant 

Melaka Jonker street
Capitol Satay Restaurant is a well-known satay celup restaurant in Melaka. They are open daily from  5pm onwards.

Capitol Satay Restaurant Address:
41, Lorong Bukit Cina, 75100, Melaka.
Contact No.: 06-283 5508

Melaka Jonker street

Melaka Jonker street

Melaka Jonker street

Melaka Jonker street

Melaka Jonker street
Capitol Satay Restaurant Review - It's my first time trying satay celup and it's great to try for the first time. The intense spices and flavors sauce is one of the unique food you must try in Melaka. The ingredients for satay are like the regular lok-lok stick where you can commonly find around KL night market. The price of one stick of satay is 90cent. 
Be sure to be there early before 5pm to advoid long hour of queuing. We queued for 40 minutes despite arriving there at 5pm. 

Grand total: RM38.60. Split with 5 people RM8 each.

Jonker Walk Night Market

Jonker StreetOne of the unique things about Jonker Walk night market is the design of the street, where one corner looks like Bangkok night market and another corner looks like Taiwan night market. It's so colourful and lively in Jonker Walk and you can find all sort of things in there.

There is this one small street filled with bars and pub and it's one of the best place to chill and enjoy yourself. That entire street reminds me of Bangkok Soi Cowboy street. Except there is no hot chicks standing in front, but it's still a great place to chill. Geographer pub is one of the top bars to visit and it's a corner shop. Visiting Jonker Walk for the first time made me reminiscent of Taiwan and Bangkok night market. I wish i could travel to Taiwan & Bangkok again. Nevertheless,  I'll definitely be back again to Jonker Walk and resume my food hunting session.

Melaka Jonker street

Melaka Jonker street

Melaka Jonker street

Melaka Jonker street

Oh! by the way this beautiful led light up bicycle is something unique in Jonker street. If you have extra bucks to spend on your loves one, I guess this could be romantic.

 Jonker street 

Melaka Jonker street

Melaka Jonker street

Melaka Jonker street

Melaka Jonker street

Awesome Cendol QQ Ice 89 at Jonker Walk

Melaka Jonker street
Location: Inside Jonker Walk night market.
No 86, Jalan Hang JebatMalacca, Melaka Malaysia (Jonker Street)

QQ Ice 86 review - Melaka can get pretty warm and humid during the night and the best way to cool yourself down is by having a bowl of ice cold cendol at Cendol QQ ice 86. They main specialty is Durian cendol, Mango cendol and original cendol. Be careful not to get yourself brain freeze cause this little dynamite is pack smooth snow ice, cendol,red beans and other special ingredients. 

Melaka Jonker street
Original cendol

Melaka Jonker street
Mango Cendol

Melaka Jonker street
Mango cendol

Melaka Jonker street
Durian Cendol

Hard Rock Cafe, Melaka at Jonker Walk

Melaka Jonker street
Our last place of the night was Hard Rock Cafe. After checking out Geographer we decided to clash into Hard Rock cafe to enjoy the air condition. The live band in Hard Rock cafe was at top notch that night and the lead singer was beyond amazing.
Hard Rock cafe isn't that much of a dance and party place but it's more like  a place to chill, enjoy the song and maybe some light mingle around. ;)

Entrance fee RM40 with one complementary drinks.

Address: No.28 Lorong Hang Jebat 75200, Melaka, Malaysia View Map Hours: RESTAURANT 
Sunday-Thursday 11:30AM - 1:00 AM Fri, Sat & Eve of 

Public Holiday 11:30 AM - 2:00 AM (Kitchen Closes at 10:30 PM) 

Telephone: 606-292 5188

Melaka Jonker street

We ended our night with a blast and I was so exhausted till I sleep walk back to our hotel. I couldn't even really remember some part of the journey back home cause I dozed off. I'm really grateful for Tommy being a great host and I owe you a big time! Made a couple of new crazy friends during my trip and hopefully we get to spend time again in future. One of the great thing spending the weekend off when I'm doing intern is I now appreciate my weekend and make the fullest of it. 

p/s: Bring singlet and drink enough water all the time to any places you visit in Malaysia because it could be very hot.

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