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Restoran Hong Ba 158 封肉& 肉骨茶 & Restoran Boston Baru | Klang

Klang the home to some of the famous, delicious and top notch Bak Kut Teh you can find in Malaysia. Each time when when someone talks about good Bak Kut Teh, they will recommend Klang Bakut Teh. Check out my previous post about Restoran Seng Huat Bak Kut Teh. Today I returned to Klang for yet another awesome pork knuckle Bak Kut Teh introduced by Aaron. We used to battle over whose food taste better at our place and today his mission was to bring me try some of the great food that Klang have to offer.

Restoran Hong Ba 158 封肉 and 肉骨茶 

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Klang Bakut teh

No. 158A, Jalan Chan Ah Choo, 
Pandamaran Port Klang, 42000, 
Opening Hours : 6.30am-1.00pm

Klang Bakut teh Pork Knuckle

Klang Bakut teh 

Klang Bakut teh
We had a large portion of pork knuckle which is enough to fit 3 adults full. It's one of the best, juiciest and tastiest pork knuckle I ever had in my life. You have to try this when you're in Klang. Remember to consume the juicy meat along with the fatty thick skin. That's where all the best part is and don't worry about being fat. ;)

Restoran Boston Baru
Restoran Boston Baru
 Jalan Kapar,
(Opposite KWSP, Same row as Lembaga Tabung Haji)
Open at 7.00pm
016-268 3104/012-905 3523

Boston Restaurant Klang
Klang isn't all about Bak Kut Teh and  you can find other delicious food in Klang too. Restoran Boston Baru is located in the heart of Klang town where it only opens after 7pm. However due to their strong demand of tasty food, the locals are actually waiting for the shop to open even before their operating hour. If you wish to try this restoran, it's best to be there early before it open. 

To be honest it was a little over-killed to order 4 dishes for 3 people because the serving size is at good portion. We had Fried Nestum Mantis Prawn, Hokkien Mee, Char Kway Teow, and Steamed Lala clam shell. Among all the dishes I tired,  Fried Nestum Mantis Prawn was my favorite because it was able to blow my tastebud away with the crunchy fried prawn and strong scent of nestum covering the mantis prawn. I could smell the nestum's fragrance the moment it was served on table. The food was that good, we had to fight to get the food. 

Nestum Mantis Prawn at Boston Restaurant Klang
Fried Nestum Mantis Prawn

Hokkien mee at Boston Restaurant Klang
Hokkien Mee
Hiding inside Hokkien Mee are bits of fried lard which gave the extra juice popping each time you bite one while having the mee.

Moonlight koay teo at Boston Restaurant Klang
Char Kway Teow with raw egg

Lala clam at Boston Restaurant Klang
Steamed Lala Clam Shell
Fresh steamed lala and with the help of the ginger to eliminate the slight fish smell was perfectly cook and it's a must to try. Well, that's all from my glutton food hunt in Klang. Life is good to have such awesome food around in Malaysia, and I will definitely return to Restoran Boston to try other food. 

Hayden Chan

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