Friday, July 26, 2013

One of the Best Moment of My life | Emerge 2013 CHKL

Hey guys! I have not been active ever since I started my internship because of the limited time I had. I salute bloggers that are able to juggle between their work and blog because I find it hard to do so. Every day when I'm back from work. I have to hit the gym or slack at home because I'm tired. I miss blogging and I have so many things to share throughout my internship life here in Selangor.

FYI, Currently I'm in Petaling Jaya doing my internship in one of the biggest brewery company in Malaysia, Guinness Achor Berhad. I can never imagine myself here doing my internship here because I randomly submitted my resume. I started my internship in Feb and learnt so many things in 4 months compare to what i learn in university. Other than working, I joined one of the most happening churches in Malaysia which is City Harvest KL!


Currently City Harvest Church KL is having Emerge 2013 and it's a platform for youth to discover their talent by joining various competitions such as sports, academy, singing talent, cooking skill and etc. There will be ongoing competitions through out the whole month of July and August. Basically Emerge is like a sport carnival which we used to have it when we were in high school. In Emerge 2013, we are grouped up accordingly to our universities. There are 4 huge clusters competition each another which are Metropolitan, Inti, Nilai, & Taylors (M.I.N.T), Local University (LU), Segi, Sunway, Monash University (S.M.U), and  Various University (VU).

My life has been changed tremendously over the past months after joining City Harvest Church KL. I've done things that is beyond my imagination and even winning matches that I never dream of winning.


In City Harvest Church, I'm blessed with wonderful friends that constantly motivate me to achieve great things in life. I'm also blessed with a group of heartwarming cellgroup namely E11. Their present in my life has impacted me. P/s: I will write up more about my cellgroup in next post! :)

During the season of Emerge 2013 I joined a few competitions which all of my friends won't believe that I actually joined them. For example: "Hey Flor, I joined cheer leading". Her reaction? "HAHAHAHHA". That's how "supportive" my close friend is. -.-

Parade of School,  POS

I joined POS (Parade of School) which is similar to cheer leading. I get to learn how to based a flyer, synchronized with other bases and performing stunts that I never thought I could do. Sometimes, I realized when you tried something that you never expect a return, that's when the blessing or rewards shower abundantly onto you. I didn't know anything about cheer leading but  because I joined to check things out, I have revealed a new talent in me. One of the things that surprised me was on my second training, I've already performed extension stunts on other flyer, which was pretty tough for a none-experience, first timer based for me.

Elevator stunt

Extension stunt


Unfortunately after a month of audition stage of training, I decided to pull out from POS due to backache that I had since Febuary. I have been going weekly chiropractor therapy before I joined POS and I thought I could make it but it was too risky. It was an emotional decision to pull out from POS but I believe it's better to not drag the entire team down right before the real competition in August. 

Thank you Gladys Tan! for the constant follow up for my health and thank you Adele Ng for the initial inspiration. Lastly, thank you Juyinn for the great care during training. Special thanks to Josh Ang my base partner for teaching me so many things and techniques. To both of my dearest flyers Nicole Lim and Vanesa chu, please take care with your new bases group that is basing you because nobody is gonna catch you like we did, and each time I heard news about either one of you fall or injured I felt 'sam tong'. Nevertheless, to every other members of POS; GOOD LUCK! and I will the loudest from the audience seat.

Man Hunt and Beauty Pageant

Next I joined Emerge 2013 Man Hunt! Which doesn't required much back strength and miraculously I successfully entered into top 12 Finalist! Initially, I thought it wasn't hard during the preliminary round where we have to catwalk on stage, pose and give a bomb speech. However, the adrenaline rush of nervousness was overwhelming during backstage standby and it's definitely one of the best experience I had in life. Thank you Chia Yan for signing me up for Man Hunt on the first day I register for Emerge 2013! Honestly, I had completely new idea what is it about when you sign up or me but since you believe that I could join, so i joined. :) Thank you Cheryl lee for managing us and carrying waters for everyone during preliminary round! Thank you to everyone in LU cluster man hunt and beauty pageant team!

The final Man hunt and beauty pageant will be held at City harvest KL on the 23 August and I will be updating more about this event. :D

man hunt 1


I also joined my all time favorite basketball games but we didn't make it to final round. However the training that we had form bonding between the players and we had great time playing. We may not be able to make it to final but we enjoyed the highlights on the second match where we managed to make the score draw at last 60 seconds and brought the match into shoot out which lead us to victory in one of the 3 matches we had. 

basketball 2

basketball lotion

Captain Ball
Captain ball the so called no contact sport was the roughest game I ever played in my life. We lost badly in all four matches but in each matches we played, we improved. Moral of the story, train hard before joining any competition. I got into a rough fall with 360 spin when two opponent tackle me from both side. Thank God I didn't snap my neck because the pressure I felt on it was bad. 

Anyhow, it was not as easy as I thought and I don't think i wanna join this again. :X

captain ball

Arm Wrestling

It was like any other ordinary over service days where i helped out in LU booth for selling jellies. I was holding a tray of jellies going around to sell some jellies and decided to ask for help from the MC on stage to make an announcement/promotion that we're selling jellies. The MC promised me that he will make promotion for me if I were to join arm wrestling. I thought it would be fun to join and get a good reach out to the audience about the things we're selling and never in my life I thought I got silver medal in arm wrestling.

My first match was with one of the toughest and largest guy in church and I wasn't aware about that until I stepped up on stage. And boy was the crowd and the emcees gave me the look "this is gonna be fast'. Kevin the MC even said " Let's pray for Hayden's arm". -.- and even I start to believe this is gonna be fast and my arm gonna broke apart. 

So the game begin!

arm wrestling

Few second later, things was rather unbelievable because we were actually on par where our wrist cling on each another on the same spot for at least a minute or two. Both of the emcee couldn't believe what they are seeing, I couldn't believe it myself too. Everyone was holding on their head with the disbelieve features on their face. It wasn't long until I started to believe that I could actually win this game. I gave a loud roar while pressing down his hand and the crowd goes wild!

After the game I couldn't even lift up my arm! I got to admit he was definitely strong and a good sport man. 

arm wrestling 1

I went on for the second round where I meet a guy that was trying extremely hard to press my arm down. My arm was already tired from the first match and he managed to shift my arm to his side but I well prepared and decided to press my arm to my side when he was tired. Check out the instavideo here!

On the final gold and silver placing I lost to my LU team because I know both silver and gold is going to LU and whatever we do it's for them. However! I do wish i could rematch with Abu Bakar in future to know the real raw strength in both of us. It was amazing how God do wonders in my life when I do not expect anything at all.

Bridge Project
Bridge project was another unexpected project that we won in Emerge 2013. It was just 3 days before the real competition and we decided to build a new bridge for the second team. Initially we had 2 bridges for each team but we were not satisfied with the second bridge. While others are busy designing and touching up both of the bridge I decided to played with the remaining Popsicle sticks and drafted out a bridge. Soon, they started to believe that the bridge that I was trying to design looks stronger and it used up lesser Popsicle sticks. So Sze Yun decided to give me the green light to complete the 3rd bridge. 

I don't know any about architects and I build the bridge for the sake of fun and to our surprise the 3rd last minute bridge that we design ended up becoming in silver!

Thank you Sze Yun, Amy, Matthew, Shanggee, Ele, Vanesa Chu and Khim Hai for the awesome support! You guys are the real winner here because I only contributed half of the bridge section and everyone stay up late to complete it.

bridge project

bridge silver 2
Bridge Project Silver medal

There you go! Full update of what I have been doing in my life for the past few months. I was busy with church competition and internship. 

My time here is limited and I have less than 6 more weeks to go before I return to Sabah for my final year in university. I know plenty of friends have been asking me the same thing "Are you coming back to KL after you graduate?"  Frankly, I'm not sure. But when the time comes, I will apply my job internationally and God will work things out for me.

I wish there will be a breakthrough in my life and miracle happen in this short 6 weeks time here in KL.

We make our own decision but the Lord alone determine what happen. Proverbs 16:33

Hayden Chan