Monday, September 16, 2013

Artisan Roast Coffee HQ PJ | Section13

Artisan Roast Coffee

Artisan Roast Coffee
15Sheets @ Telawi, 9, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.
Open daily, 11am-9pm.

Artisan Roast @ Petaling Jaya, 19,
Jalan 13/2, Section 13, P
etaling Jaya.

Artisan Roast Website

It was another hectic night where we had to gather up and build bridges for Emerge Bridge project competition. I don't know how I got enrolled into this project because I had zero experience in architecture and interior design. I studied Food Science and Nutrition and the last thing that I want to do was building some weak bridge that will lead to our team downfall.

We were given 120 Popsicle sticks to build a 30 cm long and 13 cm wide bridge. One team consisted of 4 team members and on the day of competition the bridges will be tested on their strength. Judges will be placing weights hanging below the bridge. We designed 2 bridges and start building 3 weeks before competition and surprisingly 4 days before the competition we design the 3rd bridge randomly without any proper plan and it won silver medal! *read here for more awesome experience of Emerge 2013.


Ele and Shangee the dream team build the bridges in artistic ways. Special appreciation to Matthew, Rebecca, Amy, Ele, Shangee and Sze Yun for making it possible to achieve silver for LU. The time we spend together was definitely worth remembering forever. I remember back then I was playing and fooling around all the time but surprisingly everybody seems to be tolerating well with me. I was rather annoying towards the midnight because I became cranky, and tired. I started to crap things like " Oh I'm gonna die", "The world is gonna end soon", "Send me home now! or I will die". and many more hilarious things which only a handful of people know how annoying I can be when I'm lacked of sleep. But! Still a good experience for others of knowing me better I hope...

Artisan Roast Coffee

Artisan Roast Coffee

Artisan Roast Coffee

Cheese cake and lemon slice

Artisan Roast Coffee

Artisan Roast Coffee

Artisan Roast CoffeeOh before you leave please read my simple review Artisan Roast Coffee!

I heard there are quite a numbers of branch of Artisan Roast but this is the best place to hangout because you can find serenity and peacefulness over their big and spacious cafe. Well, I'm not a big coffee fan but soon to be because I realized the power of coffee ever since I started to work. On the other hand, I'm a sweet tooth person and I can ensure you that all the desserts are worth trying. I loved their cheesecake, chocolate slice and lemon slice. It's a great place to spend the night off by reading books all alone or maybe some fellowship with some coffee mates. 

It will be great to have some Vietnamese coffee and our Sabah local coffee aka Tenom coffee serve in Artisan.

Oh well! That's all for now and I miss all my friends back in City harvest!

Hayden Chan


  1. I heard about this place before but never been there... will ajak my friends go try their coffee soon! :)

    1. :D must go! it's a good place to chill and less noise and not so main stream compare to starbucks ;)