Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Things 2013 Has Taught Me

Hey guys! It's the time of the year where I will warp up my awesome roller coaster life in one amazing post.

1. Free food isn't free
The year 2013 is where I started to realized that blogging for free food wasn't how I wanted to be. Initially it was really cool to receive free food and blog about it but over time I felt could be more to this. I've always been thankful for what is bleseed onto me but as I grow as an individual I realized that it was tough to keep writing commercialize reviews about the food. I know most of the blogger wouldn't totally agree with me but there will always be a certain degree of biases when it comes to invited review post.

Moreover, the total time spend on traveling, food photography session, image editing, uploading image to hosting site and brain storming creative commercial food article isn't worth the free food given. I'm better off trying any new food on my own and write an honest review or being selective on food promoting post. 

So I've resorted to distancing myself to any invitation and currently I'm happy to write about any food I tried without wondering would it affect their business or the other way round. You may want to check out my honest review about KK Burger Bakar or Subang Burgertory Cafe at Subang Jaya SS15. 

2. Great freedom comes with great responsibility.

Living few few hundred miles away from parents during my internship gave me the privilege to do anything I want. I could mimic a tsunami aftermath in my room with my laundries or unlimited curfew. I could pack a bag and do road trips without getting any mindful of ear from nag. Well, the point is it's great to live all alone outside but above all, one thing I will always keep in mind was no matter what I do, stay safe and don't screw up. 

Here is one of the unfortunate events where I fell a sleep outside and I got prank by friends. I was left alone and they snapped my picture before leaving me alone. The rest was history.

3. I can do all things if I want to except for singing and dancing.

2013 is the year where I discover I could do cheer leading, crossfit, arm wrestling, modeling, tug of war, bridge project, 23km Mount Kinabalu Climbathon challenge and white water rafting at Padas River, Sabah. Looking back at all these memories made me wonder how did I managed myself to achieve all of these? It's incredible that I've been awesome people along the way  and I will continue do things that I've always been wanting to do.

Thanks to City Harvest Church KL for organizing annual Emerge. No doubt it brought youth closer to each another and God.

4. Internship is where I realized University hasn't prep me well.
Earlier of the year I made a leap of faith forward and took up the challenge of living aboard at Selangor and undergo my 6 months internship. Which is pretty long but it's definitely a good wake up call for me about how limited is the university has prep us. I did my internship in one of the well known alcohol company in Malaysia, Guinness Achor Berhad. No, I didn't get myself drunk over there but the freshly brewed beer that were serve at the company pub was delicious and beautifully brewed.

 I worked in the Quality Assurance Department where my task is to ensure certain parameters of the beer quality is being fulfilled. They applied strict analysis checking on every stage of the beer production until the end. The best thing about doing the intern over there was, I was giving training and tones of opportunities to handles mini projects as a part of my learning. Personally, the working environment in GAB is really positive and fun because all my colleague and even to the manager were really supportive. 

I would strongly suggest whoever study in the field of food science, food technology or others should try to apply internship or work in GAB. 

5. It's about time for me to think about marriage. 
My closest best kao kao cousin sister got marry earlier of the year. She is one year older than me and she is now happily married to an awesome guy. Together, they build a family with a healthy chubby daughter and now residing in KL. I'm so happy for her and hopefully I could see her in coming Chinese New Year during family reunion dinner. 

Subsequently from the her marriage,  I gave a good thought about marriage and asked myself the when, where, who, why and how question. But, at the end of the day I believe He will provide. 

6. There is a need to change for our Government

2013 is where I get to exercise my voter rights for the first time and I'm truly disappointed with what is going on around Malaysia during election. I believe in the upcoming generation election, we will change the nation and continue to educate the youth to step out and vote.

Right, the amazing pretentious permanent marker pen used during GE.  

What am I doing now?
Currently I'm doing final year and busy performing my research. I was one of the of the fortunate students to be receiving one of the toughest titles among my batch. The research that I'm doing is related to healthy bacteria where you can find in yogurt, milk and cheese aka probiotic. You know the opposite of antibiotic but it's microorganism which is capable of boosting up the health immunity and exhibit multiple benefits to the hos. If you want to knoe more about it just just tweet me at @haydenshinchan.

Well, 2014 is going to be a transition year for me because I will be graduating and I need to get a job. But before I start to work, I've set a couple of goals to achieve and I'll share it in future. It's going to be awesome.;)

I guess this will be my last post of the year because I'll be preparing for my final exam on the 30 December. Yes it's odd because that's how the Minister of Higher Education have set it.

Until then, continue to do awesome things in your life.

Hayden Chan

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