Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year Guys!

Happy Chinese New Year folks! Yes I'm well aware the picture the picture above is not related to any CNY greetings but I'm using it anyway because I find myself look fairly nature in this picture. It was taken at Tanah Lot Temple during my recent trip to Bali.

The trip was amazing and I spend awesome time with a group of happening friends. We went with the private tour to tones of places and tried some of their famous local food. Beside that, we were amaze with how humble and friendly Balinese people are. Awesome story aside, since this is my first post for the year 2014, I wish to take the opportunity to greet everyone may great prosperity and wealth bestow onto you.

My new year spirit came late for me because I was having my exam throughout the new year. It was horribly soul draining to deal with research and exam during the season of new year. I'm guess it's one of those experience which I would probably deal with later working life. However, my soul was total recharge after I returned from my Bali trip and to top that up, all the great time spend with cell group does help me in soul healing. Previously, I was dragging myself to start the year 2014 but now I'm ready to rock 2014 and looking forward to find a job after I graduate. Beside that, I'm one step closer to my goals and I'm excited to start my life blueprint and tie a knot when the time is right. 

So yea! That's all from me for my first post of the year. Do look forward for my Bali trip write up. I will be including all my expenses in Bali and you will be surprise how budget my Bali trip is. As always, have a great Chinese New Year ahead! Be careful with firecrackers and stay awesome.

Hayden Chan

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