Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Awesome Shopping Experience With Adidas NEO

Adidas NEO spoiled me with all the choices they have and  they have been really generous to have sponsored me a good amount of voucher to allow me to get a full set of clothing top to bottom , bags and shoe. Putting their generosity into good used, I got myself a pair of sneaker, a pair of jeans, 3 shirts, and a bag. 

I've never get myself a red sneaker before because it has been always a challenge for me to match it up with other apparel. Going red in your fashion statement could probably required you to match it up with lighter color of jeans and tees. So I went on to pair the red sneaker with light indigo-blue slim fit denim jeans and a basic cotton white Adidas Neo label tee and the result was great.

White cotton t-shirt:RM80, Jeans: RM220, Shoe: RM160.

Next, I got myself a bright orange tee because the vivid bright color of tee makes me look younger and more energetic. Needless to say, now I look like a secondary school guy again. 

Orange color graphic tee shirt RM70

Adidas Mes sling bag: RM160

I also got myself a sling bag to replace the old sling bag I had with me for more than 9 years. Adidas Neo Mes sling bag is made of canvas with strong stitches along the side to give better durability to the bag.  Best of all, the interior of the canvas bag has polyester fabric which gave it the water resistant properties and protect any items that you put inside. 

Next up I will be talking more details on the product I get from Adidas NEO outlet. Meanwhile you might want to check out the previous post on my shopping experience at Adidas NEO outlet [here]

Hayden Chan

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