Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Breakfast for the Champs! or maybe not at Pete's Corner Asia City KK

Hey guys, it has been a while since I last conduct any food hunting in KK and bIt took me at least 20 minutes to search for Pete's corner because it is hidden from the main street of KK city. Plus I think Pete's Corner change their signboard recently to Milo sponsored because previously it was Pepsi sponsored signboard.  For Pete's corner opening hour and location you can check them out [here] and the best description I came out with can be find [here

Asia City (Ruang Singgah Mata 3), 
88000 Kota KinabaluSabah

What's special about Pete's Corner is their breakdown price for different types of food which allow you to mix and match into a huge platter and form what you call American breakfast. For starter, I selected twin sunny side up, 2 slices of beef bacon, 1 cheese sausages, generous amount of baked beans and toast bread. Satisfied with my choice of food I continue to add a cup of banana ice blended to complete my breakfast of champion. All of these cost me roughly RM15 - 17, which is pretty decent for such a wide selection of different types of food. 

Breakfast for two : RM 25. pretty decent and worth the cash isn't it? You might want to skip the mushroom soup because it is prep from can and it's diluted. Other than that, all is good and I'm looking forward for my next visit to try their famous chicken chops and lamb chops. 

Special thanks to April lee for the recommendation of food on her instagram. 

Hayden Chan


  1. Glad you liked it! Now I'm hungry! ;P Can't wait to try their CHOPS. ;D
    Didn't know it took you so long to search! Sorry if my direction was bad =.="

    1. hahahaha no la! it's just me bad in direction. can't wait to try their chops too!