Saturday, May 24, 2014

The World Longest Island to Island Zipline by Coral Zipline Sabah

Zipping through the island,
 in an one fast zipline trolley, 
over the sea we zip through, 
screaming all the way.
 Ohhh coral zip coral zip. 
zipping all the way.
 Oh what fun it is to zip,
 in the world longest zipline! 

p/s: Sing this in Christmas spirit will you? ;)

Yes my Christmas spirit came earlier and I had an awesome time zipping myself from island to island and it's one of the wonderful weekend spend in my life. Coral Flyer is the first and the world longest island to island zipline in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It's located between Sapi island and Gaya island.

The Coral Flyer ticket desk is located on the jetty of Pulau Sapi, you will be asked to sign a liability waiver, issued with a ticket and proceed to the jetty where Coral Flyer's board will transfer you to Padang point (starting point) on the island of Gaya. You will need to have a short walk to the harness station, where the staff will fit you with harness and helmet and issue you a zipline trolley. From there onwards you will need to hike at least 5 minutes up to the starting point and zipline down back to Sapi Island. Check out their Facebook page [here]

What to expect?
Awesome view of the sea from high up above with strong wind breezing through the face while accelerating down the zipline. The ride takes roughly around 10 to 15 second if I'm not mistaken because it felt like I'm going slow motion when I was up there. Everything look so tiny below and I could see beautiful KK city on the right side. It's definitely worth the ride.

Zipline information
150meters long, 60kmh maximum speed
Stainless steel high - strength cables
Price : RM50

Maximum weight 120kg
Minimum weight 40kg

There is no minimum age though the child has to be able to fit our child harness usually 6 years and up,  they are able to bring children on a tandem rig with one of our staff at standard fare.

Everybody want their moments to be capture and I would recommend you to bring along your digital camera and tight the straps tight to your wrist while zipping down. But remember it's at your own risk to do so. If you have GoPro camera that would be even better because you can strap it on their helmet.

Upon reaching the end point (Pulau Sapi), you can head out to the metal platform and snap pictures of the zipline.

Earlier that day, we grouped up around 9am and I looked like stoned because the day before I had back to back basketball and Frisbee tournament. It was pretty awesome that finally all bloggers could finally meet up and best of all our gang Tom, Calista and Charlotte are all there! 

*When you see it.

We return to the mainland around 3pm and took a huge selfie with Simon the owner of Coral zipline (in yellow shirt). Here I wish give a huge thank you to Coral Flyer for sponsoring us the ride and big thank you to Beverly for coordinating us and making it happen. Pictures courtesy goes to and Murphy Ng, you guys did a great job in snapping great selfies and pictures of everyone. 

Hayden Chan

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