Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Adidas NEO Product Review

Previously, during my shopping spree at Adidas NEO, I got myself a good pair of jeans, sneaker, bag and 3 pieces of colorful tees. I'm extremely please after trying them around on my daily outing and the quality is top notch. Thank you so much for sponsoring me all these awesome products. Here are the breakdown of the products I purchased from Adidas NEO. 

VLNEO BBALL LO (Red) Sneaker 

First thing that came in to my mind on how to spend my vouchers is to get myself a nice comfortable sneaker. I decided to get a bright red color sneakers because I wanted to add some color spice into my fashion style. For a guy, embracing something different could be a daunting task but fear not, pairing the red sneaker and light blue indigo jeans is like ham and cheese, they looks perfectly match. 

One of the things I like about Adidas Neo's sneakers is the comfort  that it can provide. The sole is designed by one of the leading sole maker company in the world, Ortholite. Vlneo Bball allows my feet to quickly accustomed itself to the smooth and comfortable sole. Besides that, the thin and light fabrics of the sneakers allow more breathable feet and keep the feet dry all day long. Available in range of colors, retailing at RM160, check their sneakers out here and choose the right one for you.

Slim fit denim jeans

We all know how hot in Malaysia can be and staying outdoor for a couple of minutes could drench you in sweat as if you just came out from sauna. So, selecting the right pair of jeans will keep you cool all day long.

I like how soft cotton like and stretchy the adidas slim fit jeans is, which could be the best thing you want to be in when the temperature hit 31 degree Celcius. Pairing the jeans with basic tee gives a casual and clean styling statement of yourself just like what Pharrell Williams wore during his 2014 Grammy Award.

The bright indigo blue jeans brought in tones of attention and compliments when I wore it around in campus. With the price tag RM220, this is highly recommended to any guys outside that is seeking a new pair of jeans. 


I've always wanted to get a new sling bag to replace the old bag and this time round I got myself Neo St Mes Bag. Stitched and crafted perfectly together, the canvas bag is very spacious and practical for your versatile daily activities. You could bring it to campus, traveling, and even gym. The fine canvas sling bag embedded with a NEO metal tag comes with the price of RM160. 

It contained two exterior pocket with button lock which allows you to have fast access to things like car key, access card or medium size drink bottle. Besides that, it also provides you one interior and exterior zip compartment for things you wish to keep secure and best of all it has one mobile device holder compartment inside the bag. Hassle free bag it is. It comes with a adjustable strap for you too.

What I like about Adidas Neo sling bag is it has polyester fabric stitched in the interior side of the bag and give it a better water resistant and protect your delicate gadgets inside. 

NEO LG BALL Graphic T-shirts
I got 3 Adidas Neo T-shirts with simple design perfect for daily wear to any occasion.

I got myself 3 pieces of simple graphic tee shirts with 100% cotton material. I wore it a couple of times and it shows good durability in cloth material because it doesn't shrink even after washing and tumbling drying a few times. Adidas NEO really brings out the price worth quality value in their graphic tee collection. perfectly made for humid weather in Malaysia by keeping the body cool all the day under the shirt. The price tag are RM80 left, follow by RM70, and lastly RM70.

So! Give it a try on changing your fashion style and visit the nearest Adidas NEO store today and get some of their latest products! Lastly, I would like to thank Adidas and everyone that made this awesome experience happened.

Stay young and cool.
Hayden Chan

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