Monday, August 18, 2014

Bali Vacation 4D3N Under RM500 All In

One of the cheapest vacation I've ever made cost me under RM500, which inclusive the flight ticket, accommodation, local inbound tour, food, multiple temples entrance with performances fee and light shopping. All it takes is some proper financial planning/management and you're all set to go on your budget vacation in Bali too.

Bali Day 1
Taxi transfer from airport to hotel 140,000 IDR /3 (RM38/3)
Bakso at Joshua Warung, Kuta 20,000 IDR (RM5.50)
Nasi Campur Random Warung along Kuta Beach 25,000 IDR (RM6.50)
Coconut packet drink  Supermarket at Lippo Mall 4,580 IDR (RM1.20)

I was surprise with the huge amount of tourist lining up in the immigration station upon arriving at the airport. It took us more than 2 hours to go through everything. At the airport, they required certain nationality tourist to pay a small amount of "entrance fee" but one thing for sure Malaysian doesn't need to pay that and you can skip the long queue and go straight to the immigration queue.

Moving around in Kuta is very convenient because there are more taxi on the road than pedestrian tourist. One of the culture shock I experienced was the frequent honking by the taxi. They honk whenever they spot tourist walking beside the street. I had heart attack each time a taxi honk at me. Another thing about Kuta is there are more none local food store than local Balinese food. I believe it's mainly because they wish to cater the need for the foreign tourist. Having said that, I'm delighted to be able to try in one of the small warung (stall) outside my hotel.

Bakso at Joshua Warung

The alternative ways of moving around in Kuta would be the horse carriage. It probably wouldn't take you far but it is still quite convenient to move around in town. But! before you jump in, you have to negotiate and get a good price first because I think the price riding a horse carriage is even more expensive than the local taxi.

Kuta beach, the place where you can find surfboard rental and lesson, and not to forget the pretty chicks.

Bali's economy rice is one of the famous dish and it is similar to what we have in Malaysia, except for the types of side dish they serve. The most unique thing of their economy rice would probably be the fried mee. I'm not really sure if there is any other culture practice having rice and noodles together. Either way i love their economy rice because they are so much flavor and aroma to it.

P/s: The food may not be the weak stomach person.

Basically the first thing we walked around Kuta and chilled beside the sea. We also visited shopping malls, stalls and local stalls around. If you want to party, the night life would definitely be merrier over at Legian.

Bali Day 2
Breakfast - Babi Guling 44,000IDR Random Restaurant beside the street (RM12)
Taman Ayun 15,000IDR entrance fee (RM4)
Ulun Danu Beratan Lake Temple 30,000IDR Entrance fee (RM8)
Street side bakso for lunch 10,000IDR (RM3)
Coconut and ABC at Tanah Lot 30,000IDR (RM8)
Tanah Lot entrance fee 31,000IDR (RM8.5)
Uluwatu temple 10,000IDR entrance fee (RM3)
Kecek dance 100,000IDR performance fee (RM30)
Ayam bertutu goreng 45,000IDR Dinner (RM12)

Second day morning, we were pick up by the driver (tour guide) and he took us to eat Babi Guling as breakfast. Babi Guling is one of the famous Balinese food that comes with rice, jerked water spinach, deep fried pork intestine, fried tempeh and signature thick piece of well roasted crispy pork skin. As sinful as it was, I love how  flavorful the dish was and couldn't care less about the oiliness of it. Up to now I still think this breakfast alone packed at least 2000 calories, which is enough for the entire day.

Ulun Danu Beratan Lake Temple 

Beratan Lake Temple is located near the moutan in the central of Bali. It took us almost 2 hours plus to reach there from Kuta and it's much more cooler at Beratan Lake Temple because of the altitude. It's spectacular to see how beautiful and well preserve the temple. 

Tanah Lot

We were not in luck during our visit to Tanah Lot because it was high tide and we couldn't cross over to the temple. The best time to visit Tanah Lot is in the evening because you will be able to see beautiful sunset. Besides the beautiful scenery and strong breeze sea, you will  be fighting for your life with all the other tourists along the edge of the rocky beach to get a good spot for nice background photo. I bumped into several rude tourist that would jump infront of my camera without saying sorry and continue their business of taking picture. P/s: Guess which nationality they are from?

Uluwatu temple (The kecek dance)

Located beside a tall straight cliff, Uluwatu has one of the best sight in Bali and they offer traditional show called Kecek Dance. Although the performance fee was quite a pitch to our wallet, it's definitely worth the time and money.They prepared written synopsis of the Kecek dance with different languages in paper so you can understand the real meaning of their dance. It started with the mouth made ryhtm kecek.. kecek.. kecek and it goes on and on for the entire performance. 

I like how the performers interact with the audience. Somewhere in the middle of the act, out of no where a red fat mask costume guy started to spurt out random Balinese words and everyone gone quiet with a confuse face. He stared around the crowd quietly and creepily and suddenly he speaks English and shouted "How are you?! ". It made everybody burst out and laugh because nobody expect that. He even gave his gratitude and warm welcoming to everyone in 3 - 4 different languages before they continue the show again.

Ayam bertutu goreng

Ayam bertutu goreng is by far the spiciest food I've ever try in my life for now. It is nothing compare to the  innocent looking colorless tom yam I tried in Bangkok. The spiciness of Ayam Bertutu was so spicy that it made me sweat like a mad cow after the first bite on it. What makes it even harder to tolerate is the fact that the spiciness actually lingers in the mouth for a few good minutes. After having the dinner, it left me with a numb tongue and Angelina Jolie's lips. 

P/s:If you love spicy food you must try this even thou it might burn your tongue.

Bali Day 3
Breakfast Indomee instant noodle 10,000 breakfast at random stall (RM3)
Batuan temple 1,000IDR by donation (RM0.3)
Babi Guling Ibu Oka, Ubud 97,000IDR (RM26)
Sausage 45,000IDR (RM12)
Goa Gajah 15,000IDR entrance (RM4)
Tour at Goa Gajah 36,000IDR/5 (Rm10)
Tirtra empul holy spring water 30,000IDR  (RM8)
Kitamanis volcano sighting Free
Bebek bengil - late lunch 95,000IDR /5 (RM26)
Naughty Nuri 97,000IDR Dinner pork rib (RM26)

So, on the last day in Bali the tour guide took us to have a fast breakfast in some random road side stall. We spotted the signboard writing Indomee and we were really excited. We had our expectation high because we thought we would be getting ourself some authentic Balinese fried mee but it turns out to be, they serve Indo Mee which is the instant noodle you could find on the supermarket shelf.

Boy, that was "exciting" and because we were rushing to start our tour of the day, so we had no other choice to dine in and try out the instant noodle. You couldn't imagine how "excited" our face were when the Indomee is serve to us. Well, breakfast was fine and our tour started with more temples visit. Up to the point where I believe it's a little bit too much because most of the temples looks similar but the story behind them are uniquely different.

Batuan temple

Kitamanis volcano sighting 

This is the first time I've ever seen a volcano and I could spot the traces of solidified lava leaving grayish black all over the green jungle terrain. I wonder how it would be if I'm there when it erupt. 

Babi Guling Ibu Oka, Ubud

Babi Guling Ibu Oka at Ubud serve pricier babi guling. I think the flavor of babi guling at Ibu Oka isn't as strong as the one we have on the second day, but it is still alright. One thing that made me go green was the sausage we had. We didn't know it was stuff with internal organs until we have it in our mouth. The taste of bloody liver and other stuff made me felt really uncomfortable. So! If you are not a fan of internal organs, don't order this.

Tirta Empul Holy Spring Water 

Unfortunately, I didn't dive in the holy spring water lake because I didn't prepare any extra cloths but I drank a few sips of water from the natural fountain and it tasted mild sweet. *I hope it's not a re-circulation water from the pond where everyone dip in.  I think the pond is clean and I believe it's quite refreshing to be in there and if I ever return I would definitely jump right in. 

Bebek bengil - Late lunch 

Naughty Nuri -  Pork rib Dinner

They say the best always comes the last and we were indeed blessed to had try the famous pork rib in Bali. Naughty Nuri serve one of the finest and juiciest BBQ pork rib in town. I would give 10/10 over their tasty pork rib. They have interesting interior design and hot server with great fluent English proficiency.

Bali Day 4
Souvenirs 150,000IDR (RM40)
Airport transfer from hotel 100,000IDR/5 (RM27/5)

We left the hotel before the sun rise to catch the first flight back to KL. One of the pros of getting to the airport before dawn break is there is no traffic on the road and there aren't many tourist in the airport yet and we can go through the immigration station hassle free.

Tips #1: Do not allow the airport porter to pick up your bags because they will charge you for porter fee. The distant they send the bags are less than 50 meters. 

Tips #2: Do not spend all your Indonesian Rupiah cash before you leave because you will need to pay a small amount of cash to the Bali tax station.

Tips #3: The airport is freaking big and filled with trillions of tourist ,so arrive earlier.

Inbound Private Tour
We took 2 days consecutive tour.  A tour normally last for 8 hours per day and it cost around 500,000IDR if you've ever exceeded the time, it would be nice to tip him off. Just like what we did on the second day, where we had 9.5 hours tour and we tip him off well.

  • First day 550,000IDR/5 (RM150/5)
  • Second day 600,000IDR/5 (RM160/5)

Tips #1 : Most of the inbound personal tour drive an Avanza Toyota which could fit around 5 - 7 people. It's  best to get 5 - 7 people on this trip because they charge the daily tour per car instead of per person. The more people is in the car the cheaper it gets.

Tips #2: Paying for the driver's meal is optional. It's really depends if they are willing to join in the meal. Maybe you could invite the driver over for lunch or breakfast if the place doesn't serve expensive food. 

Tips #3: They driver the best free historian/entertainment night light guide you could find, so don't be shy to ask tones of question.

Flight Ticket
Our Bali flight ticket from KL to Bali two ways cost around RM200 because we bought it during Air Asia zero fare promotion. It wasn't easy to get the promotional tickets these day because the competition is higher and everyone really stays awake throughout the night. But! I believe the trick of getting cheap flights is to check the flight ticket around 3am to 5am where it is less traffic and smoother page loading time. 

Tips #1: It's best to stay somewhere near the airport to reduce the taxi fare. Places like Kuta, and Legian are consider near to the airport.

We stayed in a place called Nakula Guest House around Kuta District (15 minutes away from Kuta Beach and 10 minutes away from Bali Airport). It's a little secluded because it is located  around 50 meters off the main street but it is a wonderful hidden gem with friendly hospitality. The room even comes with fridge and bath tub for you to store food/drinks and relax. They also provide wifi and light refreshment in the room. Do check the website at Nakula Guest House. You can also checkout Tripadvisor and Agoda about their latest promotional rate because there is where we made our advance book prior going to Bali. Briefly, we share the accommodation fee and I spend around RM150 for 4D3N.

Balinese temples are great to visit but it is not necessary to visit all the temples I did. I would strongly recommended you to visit Ulun Danu Beratan Lake Temple, Tanah Lot, Uluwatu temple (Kecek Dance), Tirtra empul holy spring water, and Kitamanis volcano sighting. You should probably spend rest of your time shopping at Kuta, partying at Legian (don't forget the magic mushroom) and sun tanning at Kuta Beach. Besides that, you could also arrange transportation to check out dolphin at northern side of Bali. Generally the temples looks the same and I'm sure the temples I recommended above is way enough for your vacation in Bali. 

So that's all from me and I wish I can return to this wonderful and beautiful place again. I hope this guide could help you to plan for future Bali trip.

Hayden Chan


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