Friday, August 28, 2015

Seven Grains - The unique fusion food

Hello guys! It has been a while since I last updated my blog. Things has been busy and times really flies. I have been dragging my finger around the keyboard since forever but no post was made prevail.

The only reason I feel like writing again is because this new restaurant in town deserve a good review in details. Located in the heart of Kota Kinabalu city. Seven Grains is the new restaurant in town and they serve fusion food that will not disappoint you. 

Personally, I have been here twice and initially I was hesitate to try any of their food. However, after the first visit I was impressed how well done their food was. My first meal in Seven Grain was Miso Marinated Pork Cutlet (image not available here) and it's definitely one of the unique fusion food I've tried because the aroma and flavor of the miso is perfectly marinated into the pork. On top of that the chef was skillful enough to maintain the juiciness and tenderness of the pork cutlet by cooking it at the right time and right temperature. 

Best of all. The value for food is excellent. It's not too pricy and the portion is just right for guy with 6'1 foot and weight over 80kg like me. 

Despite having the first good impression. I wasn't moved to write about it. However after my second visit. My long buried writing passion was reingnited and not introducing this new restaurant will be a sin for me. 

*dramatic much 

So here are the two new dishes I tried from Seven Grains. 

Smoked Salmon Spaghetti - RM18.90

Golden Pork Patty (stuffed with cheese) - RM16.90

The Smoked Salmon Spaghetti was simple and well balance with rich flavor of salmon and bacons. The spaghetti was grilled with minimal oil and basically it didn't have much taste in it. However, when all are combine together, everything becomes great! It's nothing fancy but definitely worth the price that you're paying. 

Next the Golden Pork Patty stuff with mozeralla cheese was the bomb! Finger licking and lava melting cheese stuff in the pork patty is the best way to reward yourself after a good long day of hard work. Remember how certain good food could make your eye roll up with eye lid jittering? Well, this is one of them and you will feel like having the food linger longer in your mouth before you get it down. 

I'm not too certain how long they could hold their quality because KK restaurants always disappoint me after a year or two. But! One thing for sure, waste no time to come to visit this unique fusion serving restaurant at Gaya Street called Seven Grains. Lunch bento set is available at even more affordable price too! 

Location tips: same roll as Legend Cafe and opposite Gaya Reflexology.
Contact number: 088-312130
Opening hours: 
Monday to Friday - 11am to 11pm
Saturday to Sunday - 11am to 12am (last order at 11.30pm)
Payment method: Cash only. 

Ps: So now that I've start writing. I would like to say thank you to some of my friends that were concern over why am I not writing for an almost a year now. Well, things has been exciting for me and I'm doing great! I'm stabilizing down and will continue to write like how I used to back in those days. Maybe I would even share my experience on what I have been through. Until then, Cheers! 

Hayden Chan 

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