Thursday, September 7, 2017

Infinite timelines and infinite posibilities

The writer is currently on a break since 2015 until further notification. Although multiple attempts to post what has been drafted here, he couldn't find a sustainable meaning to write or share in long term. There are no tell tale sign if he would return to write his life experience or adventure. However, he is currently on a journey of infinite timelines and infinite posibilites in search of the meaning of life.

Rest assured, he is perfectly fine dancing between the dark and bright side while preparing some of the best recipes for success in life. To friends that he has lost in touch, he send his regards and wish everyone is doing well. To regular readers, he send his apologise for not producing anything since 2015. To close friends, he is in debt of gratitudes for being there for him.

Someday he will return when he is ready. That's if blogger is still alive.  In the meantime, he can be found at instagram updating his regular life while enjoying his Rick and Morty cartoon, Marvel comic and Game of Thrones. Not to forget, saving people lives one tablet at a time.

Hayden Chan

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