Greetings fellow humanoids! My name is Hayden Chan. Full name Qing Sheng. 庆胜 which means "Celebrate Victory". Awesome name right? I'm a blogger from Borneo and fate has brought us together for you to read my blog. Be sure to share it to your friends when you read it to get 7 years of luck, i guess. Anyway here is the FAQ from others;


When did i start blogging? 
I started blogging at 2006. It was just for fun and to share some of the memorable moment in my life. My initial blog url was neverwin-shinchan and on Jan 2011 i changed to chanqingsheng

 Why do I start blogging?
 I started blogging because of a friend of mine. I enjoyed reading her blog and I decided to open one too. 

What am i currently doing now? 
I’m an undergraduate Food Science and Nutrition student at UMS Sabah until 2014 

What do i normally blog about? 
Well, I blog about almost everything in life. I shared my thoughts, travel experience, food review, photography skills and videography work as well.

Here are some of the personal ultramega project i did.

The Ultimate Guide to Tuaran

Reach me at www.fb.com/haydenshinchan or follow me at twitter @haydenshinchan

... and more to come!

Hayden Chan