I grew up in Tuaran and it was my first ever projects that I have done to promote a place in Sabah. It talks about all the great places you would love to visit in Tuaran and a little of history too. [Link]

I created this additional post from my first project and I think it would be great to share about all the great food in Tuaran has to offer. Inside this guide there are 12 delicious food that you can find in Tuaran. Do remember to share this post out to your friends and family. [Link]

View Top 5 Places to Visit in Sabah in a larger map

A brief introduction of some of the common places in KK that you could visit.[Link]

More than 30 over things you can do in Sabah before you leave UMS. This post was inspired by friends when they told me about all the things they wish to do. It could also be a guide for the local on all the things they could do in Sabah. [Link]

I'vre always believe we should live a healthy lifestyle and  this post I wrote about 5 main places that you could run in Kota Kinabalu. Some of the jogging tracks offers beautiful sunsets and sunrise. I hope you could run all the jogging track in KK! [Link]

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